Outer Wilds on sale on Steam

Outer Wilds is on sale currently… Just wanted to give You guys a heads up after seeing @drowhunter posting about it recently here:

Steam link:


Yeah I nearly went for it on sale as he suggested it. Holding off for now, only because…8KX counterweight…Blade&Sorcery…Squadrons full price…my wallet is crying :sob:


Yeah. I’m holding off because I already have a s*** load of games I haven’t played and I’m trying to find a working DisplayPort extension cable to be able to play room scale again (the mod page specifically says it cannot be played with a “normal” controller, only VR controllers) without moving my PC out of the (home) “office”… :upside_down_face:


Ouch yeah those cable’s aren’t cheap, good luck. In fact, only slightly more expensive than a full price EA game :crazy_face:

Understand the pain, to play room scale properly I resorted to putting the tower on a small trolley and wheeling it next door. Such a pain though. Plus a low hanging glass lamp that must not be forgotten. So I’ve found a small just-about-acceptable spot in my home office where I can just about swing a light saber or kill some headcrabs without smashing any cupboards… :smiley: