Parallel projection Issue?

So, i noticed this the past couple of weeks.
but was unsure of what is causing it till now…

I even went back to Pitool V272 as a test and it still did this(was on V274).

So, i was playing After the fall and i noticed i was randomly being spun around then facing front again.
like a quick jolt… i did not know what was going on.

Today, i decided to play some Valheim VR, and noticed the same thing.
i had an idea to turn on parallel projection(PP)(noticed my FPS went from avg 54-62fps to 42-52 fps, and picture is softer, why i hate parallel projection).

anyways noticed the random jolt of being spun around then back again vanished when (PP) is on.
thought it must have been coincidence… turned it off and it happened again…
i notice it more if i manually try turning my body to the right in Real life…

Any help on this or if it’s a known issue???.

Pitool used: down to .270)
Headset: Pimax 5K+

this is something new, and have not really noticed as i have been mainly playing VRchat.
(but i did not notice in boneworks or pavlov either)

not sure which pitool version this sneaked into…

i CAN’T even use pitools lower than 272 to test…
i tried both 271 and 270, and my headset now remains in a yellow light mode and will not be detected.
if i use versions higher(272+) it loads… might be a firmware thing that no longer supports older ones…

Edit: i manage to get 270 tested, same issue.
if PP is off random jolting, if on fine…


this is a known problem with the default settings on the unity xr camera rig since 2020.1, it has an easy fix by setting the tracked pose source reference to head instead of center-eye but this is something the dev has to do and very few have been cooperative about fixing this so far (shoutout to eleven and blade and sorcery for getting this fixed for their projects). i assume using center-eye that they are doing math with euler angles at runtime to find the average vector between the two cameras that should be using quaternions instead. using head as the source doesnt require that broken math.

in the mean time all we can do is use parallel projection and complain loudly on the developer specific forums and discords , i suggest even refunding these games if youre within the window and be clear with the devs about why you refunded and that you’ll only buy again once you see the rotations patch.

this problem affects reverb g2 also so it’s not just us, developers have every reason they should be prioritizing this easy patch.


Still a weird issue.

For Valheim, it’s a VR mod i am using.

And After the fall seems to be a Multi platform support game(full VR, not a mod).
Guess not much i can do on my end… :thinking:

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