PE 0.84 Bugs Report

I was in PE 84 on Desktop-Mode, from there i used my Index Controllers as the Mousepointer.

I was scanning some Files i was downloading with my Antivirus, a new Window poped up on Physikal-Monitor but didnt popup in PE-Monitor. (confirmation Window: “Do you want to scan?”)

Since then the Mousepointer from the Index Controller is not working.
I have to shut down PE-Desktop Monitor and start PE-Desktop Monitor again to make the Mousepointer work again.



Finding I have to restart Pimax Service when I first turn on my computer to get the headset running. Afterwards on successive headset turn offs and back on, it seems fine.

Noticed it was PiServiceLauncher was set to Manual startup - changing it to Automatic, delayed start to see if that makes a difference in Windows Services.

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My 5KXR always starts with parallel projection the first time it is started, even though it is switched off.

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