PE fails if you change the name of the pimax_default.jpg

I don’t consider this a bug as we’re not supposed to be modding this file. This is just something that I noticed that I’m passing along for your information.

I downloaded one of those cross hair images going around and it downloaded as a ‘.jpeg’. I renamed it ‘pimax_default.jpeg’ (I left the extension alone) and, after restarting, I noticed that the Pimax Experience was no longer loading. Just a blank screen.

Changing the file to a jpg (instead of jpeg) made PE show up almost immediately.


FWIW, I was checking out these images for IPD adjustment as well and found them virtually unusable due to way too much visual clutter and crappy quality (fuzzy lines, ect).

I reworked/remade a new one with much crisper lines and less clutter. Might help. Feel free to spread it around.

Make sure you use the actual download image, NOT “save as”. Otherwise you’re going to lose the sharp edges.

I’ll be including it in a “How to adjust your IPD” guide I’m working on.
Good luck!


You can mod the file as you want. Just keep the same name.

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