PE v85 Public beta: not saving 'settings'

Going to Profiles/Settings and checking only one box will not save that new box status. So unchecking “Automatically apply Cloud Profiles…” and then switching to the game shows that the game status is unchanged. Going back to ‘Settings’ shows that the change in status was not saved. Checking two boxes will save the first one, but not the second one.
This behavior is an aberration from the behavior shown starting at 11:35 in the video.

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A slight variation: going to the game “Profile” page, none of the checkboxes will save unless you press “Play in VR”.
Command line field greyed out even tho I can access the settings to give it one. Doesn’t matter what the checkboxes are set to.

Using ED. Edit: same with all games.

Thanks for reporting an issue you are having.
I’m sorry to ask you this, but would you mind updating and/or rephrasing it? I do not understand yet what exactly the issue is, and therefore I fail to see where the variation applies to either.

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Using PE, go to the Profile page for ED. Uncheck “Cloud Profile”. Click “SteamVR” to see your list of SteamVR games. Select ED again. The checkbox for “Cloud Profile” is still checked. It will not save unless you play the game.
Hope this helps, let me know if you need more, this is just one of the repeatable sypmtoms.

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Thanks! Got it! Yes, it’s a bug.
Added to backlog!


ROFL! Good luck! :grin:

I re-read your bug description. I see that that I misread the issue. What you describe is not a bug. The behavior is intended. A Cloud Profile for a game is only applied when the user chooses to play the selected profile.