Pending Hardware Issue when launching Asgard's wrath

Hey guys,
I wanted to try Asgard’s wrath after reading that the tracking was fixed in
I’m having this error on launch :
“You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing your from entering VR. Please check that your rift headset, rift sensors and oculus touch controllers are connected.”
After investigating a bit, I’m having the same issue in but it’s working fine in
Anyone else having this ?


Do not have it any more installed, but for me I had to kill all steam processes, then start and track booth controllers and HMD, and then start the game trough pitool.

Sometimes I had to renew in oculus settings something on bottom, I think it was about “long playing sessions are not healthy”… That need to be unchecked, and again checked after oculus update.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but no luck unfortun-ately.
If I try to play it through revive it does launch but the controllers don’t work and/or crash the game :frowning:

Any chance you’re failing entitlement checks? I haven’t tried the new PT yet, but I’ve had issues similar to this where an oculus hmd wasn’t detected. When launching, even with revive, you will fail the entitlement check (I think it’s like DRM, seeing if you own the title vs pirated) if oculus doesn’t detect an HMD. I don’t remember exactly how I fixed the issue but I think simple restarts did it for me.

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Might be, I donmt know, it does tell me no rift HMD is detected…
But in that case why would it it work with an older pitool? :thinking:
In any case I’ll try to re-DL the oculus software…

I’ve had that happen when the Oculus application wasn’t running (it doesn’t start with Windows).

For example when trying to start an Oculus game through Pimax Experience.

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