Pico Neo 2 now available for enterprise (Like an Oculus Quest with 4K resolution)


  • It is wireless standalone like the Quest
  • It has 4K resolution
  • Tracking is almost as good as the Quest
  • Comfortable and light
  • Can wirelessly stream PCVR games with minimal latency
  • 101 degree FOV (similar to Quest)
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Costs $700

The Pico Neo 2 Eye includes eye tracking with DFR which can bump up the refresh rate to 90Hz

What do you guys think of this headset?

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Honestly? This company is one to watch. I have read some decent articles on their stuff.


How interesting it is probably depends on the optical quality. Adding it to the Reverb, on the list of headsets I would like to compare.

Quest on steroids is probably an accurate description in any case.


I guess it could be the first of many that are based in Qualcomm’s base…


I tried it for roughly an hour at CES. It’s neat for a stand-alone headset.

Pros: 4k, wireless, light, integrated middling sound, angry birds was good

Cons: Not Quest Compatible, Super Laggy SteamVR streaming, the DFR is really aggressive when streaming, Low FOV, Quality of “native” games was very low res cell phone style, almost no native software, squishy positional tracking, controllers are not even close to nice as Quest, $700…

Btw, this device uses NDI’s Atraxa tracking which means it’s battery use is very much affected by how far you hold the controllers from your head.

Bottom Line: Has some good business uses, not for gaming.


Yeah I saw cas and chary’s review of it and i was quite blown away.

The eyetracking is mind blowing, gets me hyped for when that tech is standard.

the conteollers though. wow, going back to sixense tech with that one. Amazing even tracks behind the back.

Id be shocked if oculus and sony dont copy this approach. I dont thi k sixense has a patent on electro magnetic tracking, otherwise pico couldn’t happen.

It baffles me that sixense isn’t a major player today, the were just a few years too early with their idea and fizzled out of $$ by the time VR came around where it actually made sense for their product.

Also those controllers look better to me than the etee. I wonder if they would consider making them standalone?

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Cas had no issue with tracking, its vastly superior to quest. It possible the electromagnetic interference at the show ,from 100’s of people with cellphones and electronics was interfering with it.

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The new variation of STEM type tracking called SLAM. Works in a similar fashion using magnetic fields.

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I was watching that video a while ago and immediately stopped when she said that the wireless was having similar latency to the Oculus link and I saw some of the frame rate loss in beatsaber. For me that’s unacceptable when we know Qualcomm’s wifi 6E is just around the corner and would be miles better for wireless VR.


She also admitted not having best in class wifi btw her PC and HMD so op experiences with the device might vary.

Following this hmd, looking for a steamVR compatible autonomous HMD for streaming movies or else on the couch from SteamVR.

EDIT : Unfortunately, the
fixed IPD is a dealbreaker for my 70+ value :worried: as it was for HP reverb and rift S before.

(Yelling to and imaginary door) “Next please?”


yeah fixed ipd should be outlawed.

Look closely at the gun at 7:39 it is vibrating uncontrollably. The sabers in beat saber same thing almost entire time. She seems very tolerant about that but the hands randomly wobbling wildly all the time would drive me crazy.


Yeah, its hard to say without trying it myself. That shakiness is bad, kind of opposite of what she was claiming.

I certainly don’t think the trade-off would be worth buying the Pico over the Quest.

I’ve been able to use the quest over Virtual Desktop without shakey hands like that.

I actually got the chance to try the Neo 2 in a home environment for a couple of hours. It’s tracking was better than CES which was nearly unplayable there. I could stream games better but it would skip frames constantly even on a gigabit wifi and the stability of just holding the hands still was really bad.

Games like pavlov almost impossible, it seems to actually need motion to arrive at the proper position. Also what you “see” does not seem to be the actual position of the controller in game.

I imagine most people would not be tolerant enough that they would actually have “fun” playing with these issues.


Well keep in mind the Rift S in tye early days of release had tracking issues. So it is still early days; like most things best to wait and see how it goes. Ie 5k+ 202 vs 203 & 204.

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