[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax

We are very appreciated for your support in the VR community forum. We will do our best to make you satisfied. We would like sincerely listen to all of your questions and suggestions, but we are currently busy with R&D and Manufacture and also due to limited resource, we are sorry that we can not reply to each post in the VR community forum in a timely manner. Now we have two new posts, one for you to ask questions and the other to make suggestions. We will follow up with your questions and suggestions and reply to you in these two posts and meanwhile we will keep record of those important FAQ questions.

Note: Please do not discuss too much in these two posts, but just write down the questions and suggestions, you could make another new post to discuss more detailed.


Suggestion Status

There are lots of suggestions from backers and we prepare this sheet for release the status of your suggestion.we will discuss your suggestion from you seriously and feedback in this docs.

I will continue updating the suggestion status and collecting more suggestions from you.Please check the link below for details:



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Thanks for giving the community this opportunity Sean.

I encourage Pimax to have their their software engineers to introduce these features and to fix these software issues in pitool before a consumer release if at all possible, otherwise as soon as reasonably possible after consumer release: (listed in order of perceived importance)

(1) brain warp / asynchronous space and time warp to increase framerates

(2) change the distortion correction profile in Pitool software, so the software utilises more of the unused screen space in large FOV mode with the ultimate goal of reducing object stretching at the peripheral edges of the screen (objects shifting 5-10 degrees near the outer edges of the screen that is being used.)
For now, most testers are reporting that the large fov mode is unusable and that the normal 150 and small 120 fov modes need to be used to reduce this distortion enough so that it’s not visible.
Also, the world/objects in the world on the HMD screens moving with the user and not staying still when the users head is turned on the 8k model.(link https://youtu.be/bcZ0CXP0qgU?t=53807) ; (link https://youtu.be/bcZ0CXP0qgU?t=39455) and (link https://youtu.be/gBkQPRkDfkE?t=3381)

(3) fix any software related issues with the upscaler on the 8k which causes chromatic aberration effect on objects by either changing the initial input resolution before upscale, or changing the upscaled resolution is required. Alternatively, adding a sharpening filter as seen in VorpX might be a way to resolve the blurryness on the 8k. (has little to no impact on performance) (link https://youtu.be/unNwAX-C7wU?t=2202) and (link https://youtu.be/m2IHzSVmWhM?t=46291)

(4) Added VorpX support and stability for better useability of non-vr games (Send the creator Ralf from VorpX a Developer Kit / testing version of the Pimax 5k or 8k so that he can optimise it in his software.)

(5) an adjustable brightness level and colour profile for different games or movies. (I propose that software should be configured to allow brightness adjustment by pressing both the volume buttons on the HMD at the same time to bring up the brightness control panel, and by using the volume buttons to change the brightness settings whilst the panel is displayed on the HMD screens.)

(6) implement a way to store the fov profiles for each game in the pitool game library, so you don’t have to manually adjust the fov settings in pitool for each game everytime it is launched.

(7) a 60hz and 72hz mode for 60/30fps and 24fps movies.

(8) Support for fixed foveated rendering in pitool for supported eye tracking modules (aGlass, Adhawk or Tobii), Turing architecture also allows developers to implement Variable Rate Shading and Multi-View Rendering at a driver level, also bypassing the need for foveated rendering support to be coded into each game allowing for increased performance without reducing fov.
(link https://www.nvidia.com/content/dam/en-zz/Solutions/design-visualization/technologies/turing-architecture/NVIDIA-Turing-Architecture-Whitepaper.pdf pp. 5-6 & 42-52)

(9) Screenshot functionality by pressing a controller trigger button and the power button simultaneously as the vive does or double pressing the power button)

Fixing these issues need not cause any delay or impede the release of the consumer product, however resources should be allocated here so software development can occur by technicians whilst mass scale production occurs.

If at least number (1) is implemented before the future consumer (not kickstarter) release, performance should increase drastically. If the (2) through (7) are implemented as well, most of the outstanding customers concerns should be satisfied - bearing in mind, these are all remaining software related issues which need fixing.
These should be fixed as soon as possible to ensure the smoothest consumer release, best reviews and best public perception of the 8k and 5k+ possible.


May I add a bit to (5), Make it so the profile for different games can be save as a text config file so users can edit and share files for different games/movies


Good morning Pimax,

I am 52 years old, i have backed 8K-X and Kat VR.

This will be my first headset, so VR has a great future.

Now after presentations, my suggestions are :




the only problem here is that Pimax has backers of 5K, many 8K backers AND 400 8K-X backers

so instead of two options to 8K backers i am suggesting to pimax to give three options

  1. 5K+ NOW
  2. 8K NOW
  3. WAIT FOR 8K+ with new panel (RGB AND PATTERN AS 5K+)

With three choices you, pimax are correct with backers more than 100%. I tell this, because I know you are already giving 5K+ as a choice to 8K backers and without 5K+ there would not be a comparison between 5k+ and 8K at all. But facts are facts and 5K+ is better than 8K, i believe at @mixedrealityTV and this was not in your business plan. 5k+ choice could not be enough for all 8K backers so i believe you must try to improve 8K with 8K+ edition to meet their wishes

Then there are 8K-X backers like me…

Here there is an error of comunication in your backing campaign.
"- For the next generation GPU, support 8K input with 90Hz refresh rate.

  • Only for those who own a PC with at least GTX1080ti (still testing, may need 1080Ti SLI, or the next generation graphic card e.g. Nvidia Volta), CPU i7, and 16GB memory.
  • Based on our tests, no obvious difference in VR GAMING experiences between 8K and 8K X"

Do you see the word Gaming ? 8K-X is for gaming
8K-X is not an experiment like someone is saying in the forum
8K-X is not to develop software

You have sold me 8K-X for gaming and now to meet my wishes i need not the original 8K-X but the evolution
because there is not a PC running native 8K until 2022

@Heliosurge and others are speaking of a new chipset or bridgeset to switch between NATIVE 8K for videos/applications and the upscaling for gaming. This is what i am dreaming and hoping for as 8K-X backer

if this technical solution does not exist, if it’s impossible also waiting several months give to me and Pimax 8K-X backers these options

  1. 8K+
  2. 8K X

where 8K+ has the new RGB panel and the scaler (the old one?) and better perfomance for gaming compared to 8k and possibly 5K+ .
while 8K-X is native with new RGB panel without upscaler and the headset has two cables for videos and applications

For me it’s impossible to go down from 8X-X to 5K+ for gaming
I had others expectations or perhaps i would like that my first VR headset for gaming must be authentic 8K.
So for me, the born of 8K+ and to have more details about 8K-X is very important to take a decision.

Now, with this 8K i am in trouble. More than Pimax.


collaboration with VorpX (software) and ROTO VR (chair)

Put in your head that You aren’t a startup and all doors will open.


@SweViver said the sweet spot is 100 degree, then there is a little area at left and at the right of the sweetspot where the image is not perfectly at focus but it’s not easy to see, then the image continue to be clear. So, if you can improve or solve this. A sweetspot of 140 in the normal FOV selection instead of 100 Would be a great thing


Eye tracking and FOV rendering is the future for Pimax.


Good work Pimax.


**1. Brainwarp syncs to desktop refreshrate, so high frame rate desktop content works out of the box, such as playing rocket league at 180fps

  1. Gaze based rendering with outer periphery at lower res/lower frame rate

  2. Waaaaaay more configuration for mediating performance in pi tool. Fallout 4 vr when it first came out was only possible because they had a million settings to custom tailor the game to run well on my pc as an example of why options for performance are best.

  3. Body tracking built into pimax’s version of their light houses.

  4. A face cover and earphones with steamvr haptics. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  5. Software controlled dynamic adaptive backlighting.

  6. Game agnostic performance mediating pitool settings


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My suggestions for the future of Pimax VR line is:

  1. Get your hands on a StarVR One, then start a research on its lens tech.

  2. Invest in a research about pancake lens technology.

  3. Get in touch with LG or other companies that are about to market high DPI nano Oled displays for VR that can also go up to at least 120Hz with no hacks or tricks.

  4. Invest a consistent amount of energy in the software engineering side, sw foveated rendering, drivers, hand tracking, R&D and testing of newer technologies.

  5. Start a dedicated multilanguage support department, and after-sale help, even if it is a very small one.




20 characters …

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People don’t seem to put much value on how comfortable the headset is, but, having the Rift and Odyssey (and Vive and Pro) has taught me that if it’s not comfortable, I just won’t use it. Doesn’t really matter how good the specs are if it hurts to wear it!

I have a narrow head, sharp face and large nose. Pretty much the opposite from your normal testers, from what I understand.
For me, the most comfortable headset out to date is the OG Vive with the DAS. Please note that I couldn’t care less about the Vive, it’s the DAS that’s important!
This is the only mounting method that I’ve seen to be pretty much proclaimed by everyone. Every other mounting method has lovers and haters! Only the DAS seems to be universal in it’s acclaim. Part of this stems from the fact that the headband is NOT hardware connected to the headset! This seems to be an important distinction. The Pro is so bad that, for some of us, the earphones barely touch our ears.

tl:dnr -please look to the Vive DAS for your headband design as it seems to be the most widely liked one. All others have certain head types that it doesn’t work for.


Please make the consumer and preorder pricing for the pimax 5k and 8k headsets with accessories are competitively priced.

If you were to sell a headset and accessories for $1500 at, 1000% profit (hypothetically components cost $150, i’m not saying they actually do), but only 10,000 people can afford it, then you make $13.5 million in profit.

on the other hand, if you sold the headset and accessories for $750-800 at 500% profit to 100,000 people then you’d make $60 million+ in profit.

it would make it more readily available for everyone and also drive competitors to do better.

also, keep the preorder phase open until release or at least for a few months