PIMAX 12K and new PC

I’m planning to buy a new PC VR.

INTEL I9 Nvidia 3080TI etc etc.

Looking at the new incoming PIMAX 12K I wondered if it was still useful all the GPU power considering that the PIMAX 12K will have on board the Qualcomm XR2.

I do not well understood if this new HUD still has to be supported by a high end PC or not.

Is better to save money for Pimax 12k accessories/modules or not?

In short, which could be the optimal pc config for the new incoming 12K?
Thanks in advance for any answer/suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just buy the best you can and then expect to upgrade the gpu when the 12K is released in order to power the hmd in a good manner. Buy a psu now that will be future proof, ready for that gpu upgrade.


an xr2 chip is 7 times weaker than a gtx 1060,cant expect that to run 6k per eye at huge fov lol,get the 3080ti and even that wont even be enough we will need the 4080 4090.