Pimax 12k Qled idea for the integrated system

@PimaxVR @PimaxUSA @Heliosurge @SweViver Since the 12k Qled has an XR2 built in, and a fiber optic cable for PC connection, I had an idea. What if the HMD could be plugged into any standard entertainment device, like a 4k Blu Ray player, a PS5, an Xbox Series X, a fire stick 4k, etc.

Just imagine a firestick plugged in that could run off of internal device power, just work, and you could lay in bed watching 4k Disney Plus, or Netflix.

You could also do the HDCP handshake using the cable, have the XR2 render a lite VR theater room (like virtual desktop or DEO) in HMD where an output for a 4k blu ray could be sent.

We could then watch full quality films on this amazing HMD without the hassle of codecs, decryption keys, playback software, ripping, converting, and storing the files on PC. I for one would love to just be able to put my movies in and just press play.


If there are some games already in development, like Ragnarock, I assume there will be an Android-based firmware, so it might be more convenient to use WiFi to stream from these services, rather than a DP cable not designed for that purpose.


Or the accompanied VR Box provides the extra connection option. This way we can use 60Ghz wireless streaming to watch 4k 3D movies without any wires.


using the cable was more in terms of a blu ray source. Since it sounds like the cable is fiber to DP, I see no reason why an HDMI 2.1 signal couldn’t be sent through via another cable that is fiber to HDMI. The XR2 already has everything it needs to do HDCP handshaking and process any signal you could possibly send the device, because all the streaming services require that already. I think any issue would be software side.


The possibilities are quite amazing. The integrated XR2 already is used for a lot of housekeeping functions such as the audio codec processing.


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