Pimax 12K Qled with 70 ppd

my 8kx is pretty uncomfortable. I have faith that the 12k is better in the comfort realm. why? because there is a counter weight in the form of a batter in the back.hey i had a 5k super. just double sided tape 10 quarters on the back of the strap and your head will be a little bit more comfortable.

Yeah I have a counterweight on the 5KS and it helps a lot. Most of my uncomfort doesn’t come from weight but rather just bulk resulting in inertia and, most importantly, too much of my face is covered so I am constantly sweating etc. I think I actually preferred the non-comfort kit version like the 5K+ as it let more of my face be uncovered and breath (that’s a very individual thing though, most people are probably fine but I actually installed an air conditioner in my office just for VR because it makes me so hot and literally no one in my country buys air conditioning lol)

Like wearing a brick? lol. I feel ya.

I doubt it. I bought a third party counterweight for the 8kx and it made the whole thing more comfortable but was difficult to turn my head and move around…literally it became 2x the acceptable weight!


cough,cough…Swoed Sense…cough.

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