Pimax 4K + NOLO VR problems

Everything worked fine.

But, suddenly, the Pimax 4K headset stopped being tracked

At the same time, the controllers in SteamVR are normally work.

Headset only.

I noticed that at the base station only the lower left indicator is on, and the upper right is off!

What could it be???


You may wantbto submit a ticket with Support.

Please post your system config with Pitool version, headset Firmware and Nolo details.

@TheDeaX might have some ideas as well.

Можешь мне в личные сообщения написать версии прошивок Nolo VR и версию PiTool которая сейчас используется? Я думаю что я смогу помочь с данной проблемой

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is there any news to improve NoloVR performance was not? For some reason, the developers in the latest versions of PiTool do not pay attention to the stable operation of NoloVR. Could they at least copy the configuration that was in PiTool version 129?

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In theory there should be some improved support for Nolo as it was prepped to be an Option for Artisan.

@SweViver should have some info on this as he has tested Nolo with the Artisan.

@Alex.liu could likely answer on this as well.