Pimax 4K not always working

Hey everyone,

I recently got a Pimax 4K mainly for sim racing. When I just got it I installed PiTool and everything worked perfectly. A few days after the Pimax just randomly doesnt want to work. The led will just stay green and never go to the blue led.

I managed to get it to work when I completely removed all software and it worked for a while. But after this it just doesnt get the blue LED anymore.

I hope that there’s someone who can help me out here!

@Playa & @ISsa might have some ideas

Does steam say anything about blocked addons?


Classic one, if it is what i mean, then the PiTool does recognize the Pimax, but it never sets it active(blue led). In the old PiTool/PiPlay, changing the Mode activated the Pimax, like switching from Video- to Pimax(Game)-Mode or vice versa.

In my Experience, its also a matter in which order you start/connect everything, this is how i do
Leave the Pimax of the USB unless you use it, dont boot with it plugged in(hdmi is fine btw.) > start pitool with the pimax disconnected > plug in the pimax to an usb 2.0 port (for avoiding trouble with 3.0, but its mostly also fine) > wait for the pimax to appear in pitools > if the device dident appear or isent recognized correctly, restart the service and/or the hmd like this:


thanks for the response! I’m going to try and use your method from now on. Yesterday I got it working again by switching hdmi ports… A bit strange, but it worked.


If all else fails…unplug and then plug in again…USB usually

Hi Dr.Awesome,

That’s great.
If you encounter usage problems again in the future,please submit a ticket through the following link, where our technical support team will provide individualized solutions for you.


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