Pimax 4K PiTool update question


I’ve been away for some time. I’ve have updates from PiSetup_1.1.92_x64_int.exe to my current PiPlay_Setup_2.0.5.46_release.zip, these were from 400 to 600+ MB in size. Now in the PiTools forum the latest that I found is PiToolSetup_1.0.1.249_R255.exe, with a size of only 125 MB. It’s a bit confusing with the name changes.

Am I missing some other file or I just run PiToolSetup_1.0.1.249_R255.exe and it will do everything? Also, in case anything goes wrong or it works worse that the that I have atm, is it easy to revert to my current one?

Piplay “can” be left on your computer. Just ensure pitool & piplay do not run at Startup.

Pitool you will loose Video mode. Also ensure your p4k is in Pimax mode.

Piplay is discontinued & no longer have new versions being released. Pitool also brings back option to play Oculus games often without revive.

@Enopho often tests pitool.

It didn’t go well though. I installed 249 and as people said, I had black bars on each side of the screen. What I wasn’t expecting is that they would take about 1/3 of the total screen surface. This won’t do, why not reduce the viewable screen to a keyhole and claim even better performance. As seen on other threads I downgraded to 132, but on my system it didn’t reduce the szie of the bars, so this version is useless as well.

So I uninstall 132, and bam, PiPlay doesn’t work anymore. Upon reboot pi_service.exe is now using 100% CPU, not detecting the Pimax, and freezing the whole PC for seconds at a time. I made a system backup prior to installing PiTools, and this problems wasn’t even fixed by a system restore :).

So, only an uninstall and reinstall of PiPlay brought my system back to a playable state. I don’t understand why these black bars were introduced.

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Not sure Neo.

As this was reported in release notes as fixed black bars in Pimax 4k.