Pimax 4K serial number needed

Hi guys

How can I find out the serial number of my Pimax 4K headset, when there are no numbers on the sticker on the lower side?

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@Century might know how to get this. Earlier piplay might help @playa has quite the pimax all inclusive repo of software releases.

Alternatively if you still have the box it is also located on there as well.

Yes, the SteamVR report should help:


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Another way is to open the DFU.exe; it will show up in the lower part of the window.

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Hi Guys
Thanks all for your help. I had find the serial by using piplay 2.0.
But now another question. Where can I get a replacement cable for the Pimax 4K?

Might be more difficult with it being discontinue

Iirc I think the internal connector was mini hdmi and micro usb.

Maybe @PimaxQuorra can get some details from the team

internal HDMI is a normal HDMI, USB is micro USB

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You can try to create a service ticket at Submit a ticket : Pimax Support
Our CS rep will contact with you about the cable, but couldn’t promise there is any stock available at this moment.

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Then you just need to purchase those 2 cables

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