Pimax 5k + 2nd cable Snow all over display

Hello there ,
I’m on my 2nd Pimax 5k+ cable already and recently it started to have the same issue i had with the first cable which is the “snow” effect. The thing is, i replaced my first cable within the first year under warranty , and now i’m a little bit over 1 year. Does that mean i can’t get it under warranty and i need to buy it from the pimax store? What are my options ?
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If its over 1 year warrenty is over, but its not that the cable is lose?

I unplugged and re plugged it around 4 times . It is not lose.

My 5K+ has started to do this as well about 2 months ago. When I first start my HMD there is no “snow” but as I play the “snow” (pixel flickering) gets more drastic; till finally there are TONS of flashing white pixels all over my screens. If I unplug the cables from my PC and reconnect the issue will go away, but as stated above it will slowly start coming back as I play.

In an attempt to fix I have unplugged the cable on the HMD and reseated it the best that I could. I have tried every Display port on my GPU, and have tried every USB port (2.0 & 3.0) on my PC chassis and motherboard. I even broke down and purchased a new power brick…the issue is still there. The only option I have left is to replace the cable which cost $100. I would hate to spend that money just to have the issue still be there.

I spoke with @PimaxUSA and he stated that the cables being listed on the Pimax Store now are the latest versions to be created. That they have gone through multiple changes/updates to make the cables better.

So deal with the pixel flashing or purchase the new cable and hope it fixes the issue is the only option.

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Have you tried different display ports on your graphics card? The base signal strength can vary between them.

Yep. It didn’t matter which port i put it into

On my 2nd cable as well. So far so good but the cable quality has been an issue for some. I will will say that my current cable does seem thicker and doesn’t have the bend the first one had, suggesting not all cables are the same.

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I’m on my 3rd cable. First one was broken on arrival causing the snow issue. The second one (issued under warranty) lasted about a year before the snow effect started happening. I had to buy a third cable as the second was out of warranty. I haven’t used the new cable much yet but it doesn’t have the snow issue as new but no doubt it’ll develop again over time. It’s a shame this keeps happening and I wish it would be solved permanently rather than buying lots of cables which isn’t exactly very sustainable financially or environmentally. I mostly play sim racing and flight games with maybe a quarter of my VR time spent doing roomscale so I can only imagine this problem being even worse for people that roomscale all the time with it putting a bit more movement and stress through the cables.

Just FYI for any Pimax technical guys reading this - I have had a 1080ti, an RX 6800 and a 3090FE - all three cards made no difference to this snow effect whatsoever and it was wholly due to broken or degrading all in one HMD cables.

I had the exact same issue since 2019. I even changed the power adapter.
I would like to change the cable if I were sure the issue will not come back.
So for now I’m living with the issue, replugging from time to time during long sessions.

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It is a shame…and just another slap in the face to customers. I had my OG Vive from late 2016 and just sold in December 2020. Up until the last time we used in December before selling, all parts of the headset ran exactly how they did the day I opened the box. This is with HUNDRED and HUNDREDS of hours of use in room scale. I have had this 5K+ since mid 2019 and the cable is already bad. I personally don’t want to be spending $100 every year/other year to replace a cable that should not be breaking after only 2 years of use.

As I stated above, for a cable that has (according to Pimax) been updated and “fixed” many times…this still seems to keep happening users.

Quick update : Bought a new cable from amazon for 90€ since pimax told me my cable had only 6 months of warranty which is absolutely ridiculous because here in Europe there is a law stating that a product sold here must have 2 years. I’m really tired of these Back-shots i get from Pimax sigh.


Hi Fusion,

Suggest you can buy this cable try:


Hi Fusion,

Sorry,the cable is only use for 8kx
If your cable is in one year,you can make a ticket ask for change one.
If not,you can buy it on web by yourself.


Every year again! After a year, the colorful points in the 5K BE (XR) are back. This can not be it!
If you buy a new 5K XR do you have the same problem?

Which cable did you buy on amazon, is the flickering problem resolved?
After two years, this problem also caught up with me.