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1)Franken Pi - Attach Vive DAS to Pimax Headsets(@mixedrealityTV)

2)Poor Man’s Deluxe Headmount -Project cost under $25ca(@Heliosurge)

3)Tilt Mod Fix -By @Yen


Pimax For Dummies -Contributer @SweViver

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This Topic will contain Video Links to @mixedrealityTV Many useful Videos. Starting with Vive DAS guide for Pimax headsets. (This is a wiki Seb Please add videos via Hyperlinks to your channel)

Franken Pi - Attach Vive DAS to Pimax Headsets

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HMD Foam tilt-mod
Manual IPD measurement using straw
Pimax IPD image method to find your correct IPD
Dominant eye test
Clarifying Near IPD vs Distant IPD confusion
Some thoughts on the IPD discrepancy


This is awesome work! Thanks for your effort.


Hi ya. Trying to get my new Pimax 5K+ to work. It tracked briefly, then on a restart it all went out the window.

The headset is detected, but it won’t track and the lighthouses and the controllers are not detected.

These threads keep talking about deleting this directoty:

But that directory does not exist for me. The furthest it goes down is:


Nothing in the diagnose says there’s a problem.

Any idea would be grand

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The new PiTool has its data folder in %ProgramData%/Pimax/something/something, but I doubt that deleting lighthouses folder will have any impact on your problem.

Have you checked the Table of Content wiki?

Are you a backer or pre order?

I’ve had trouble with lighthouse / headset tracking. What works for me is to hold the headset ~0.5 m from the lighthouse and slowly move it further away. Tracking used to be found at ~2 m, but lately it’s found at ~4 m. I’m not sure if it was my PiTools update (to version .111 or that there was some sort of breaking-in period) which caused the distance change.

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I’ve tried, and am still browsing it. that’s partly why I asked this question. But it’s a terrible way of doing a forum. Creating one thread and putting all the information in it defeats the point of having a forum.

I am a backer. Not that that should make any difference.

I kept looking around, and ultimately killed all the Pitool tasks, unplugged and replugged the light houses, and reinstalled the PiTool.

And it all started working. Well, there are some problems, but I’ll deal with that elsewhere.

You do know other forums expect users to use search functions instead of starting a new thread without searching to see if an issue has already had a solution.

So not sure which forums you have visited no offense btw.

But having a centralized area to find solutions is easier as most ppl often don’t seem to use a search function.

Being identified as a Backer places you in a Group with acs to Earlybackers group.

If I had Lighthouses myself I could better assist directly. But have read up on various solutions & can as a result sometimes help folks find a solution.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

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First, I will admit that this forum has issues. It is a giant, unorganized mess and I am not particularly fond of the linear reply setup (I prefer nested conversations ie. Reddit).

That being said, I am not sure why you would be opposed to the “Table of Contents” (admittedly created and curated by me). It is a compilation of all the various problems/solutions that people have found (among other things) and is incredibly useful when you have thousands of new users trying to find information.


That’s fair, and your work is much appreciated.

My statement is more about the forums in general. As you’ve observed, the fact that you have to create a table of contents is an indicator of how flawed the forums are. And this may be a flaw of forums in general. But in general with forums, you can at least see the titles of a post when you are searching.

Maybe it’s this particular forum? There seems to be no titles to forum posts? I can’t find a list of forum posts with titles. Is it just this forum software?


The titles are right there?

Perhaps you could give an example (from another forum) of the sort of functionality that you are looking for.


I’ve been having a look around, and you’re right. Titles are there, and there are actual threads.

This is just such a radically different looking forum, with massively different layouts and stying than anything I’ve seen before, that it just doesn’t look like anything familiar. Plus the recommened links at the top of the forum takes you to a single topic, that looks like that’s the only piece of information. The interface is very oblivious as to what’s going on. Very web 3.0 mumble mumble, get off my lawn… :slight_smile:

I’m used to the Elite Dangerous forums (for all their uglynes) or Stack Exchange, and so on that seem to me to be pretty obvious what’s going on.

So don’t mind me. It’s me wrangling with new software. And my views on Web 2.0, 3.0 etc are not really the issue here.

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It is a Discourse forum. I personally hadn’t seen any forums set up this way either (although I don’t generally spend that much time on forums).


I was happily playing away today for about 4 hours (several games) and all was good. Then all of a sudden I lost tracking. SVR didn’t report this but PiTool did and when I launched a game it would start and crash back to Steam.
I shut down all Pi services in task mgr, re-installed PT but Steam said it couldn’t load so I reinstalled Steam as well.
After a reboot of the pc the headset was tracking again.
My only problem after was that one of my Vive wands has a weak or hinky battery and won’t pair if not fully charged but everything else seems ok (for now)


For those having tracking issues, caused by barrel distortion mod. When you installed the lighthouse mod for the HTC Vive.

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