Pimax 5k+ and DCS World. Supersampling etc


Anyone knows what pimax quality setting makes ?

Here why i ask:

Dcs open beta :

Steam VR 100% manual

PD set from dcs to 1.2 and pitool quality 1
= sharp but still jaggies

PD IN DCS 1.0 but pitool quality set to 1.25

Sharp as hell and almoust zero jaggies in distance , extermely good image quality. More fps hit and thats why i think that pitool quality is not just super sampling , there is some filttering (AA? ) done.



Anyone here with cloud problems ?

Without PP on:

Clouds pop in out , and are not always rendered for both eyes same time :confused:

PP on: clouds pop in and out but are rendered always in both eyes

Any help is good help.

Bumb, pimax dev’s ??

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Clouds and shadows - yes but it’s a Game Issue, there was supposed to be an update a while ago from DCS optimizing VR but haven’t checked in months