Pimax 5K+, Index controllers and Oculus games

Hello guys,

I am trying to play Marvel Powers United with my Pimax 5K+ and my Index controllers.
Don’t worry everything is working fine (the game is running and I can play), except the Menu button.

At least I’m trying to rebind this button (for the Index to work as an Oculus touch) but I don’t know how to do and I think it’s something in Pimax config files.
Every other button is correctly mapped and working fine on the Index controllers (the game thinks it’s an Oculus Touch).

It is the first Oculus game I’m playing with my Pimax.
When I use the Vive wands, the Oculus Menu button is correctly mapped to the Vive wand Menu button.
When I use my Index controllers, there is nothing mapped for the Oculus Menu button. I would like to map the touch button of the Index controller as the Oculus Menu button (for example).

Do you know if there is any solution about this?

Thanks in advance!

Fixed by using Revive instead of Pimax launcher, now the Menu button is automatically mapped on the click of the Index controller touchpad.

This is definitely something Pimax should fix so we don’t have to install Revive for it to work normally.

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And You’re sure it’s not just because the left and right menu buttons are different, right?

When I got a Quest I didn’t know the two menu buttons didn’t work the same… :nerd_face:

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Sadly no, I tested all buttons on both Index controllers, with 2 Oculus games.
It only work when I use revive (so through Steam) instead of the Pimax library.