Pimax 5K Super on Iracing

Hi All,

New to the forum. Has anyone got some settings they’d like to share for the Pimax 5K Super using iracing?

I have an RTX 2080 ti and a 9900K. I can only get it either looking hakf decent but only at about 50 frames or running at 100-120, everything looks alright that is close but looking ahead at where I am going is quite blurry, kind of like wearing drunk goggles.

I was having a lot of trouble with my base station but I seemed to have sorted that now, I was too close to it apparently.

Pimax have been really, really good with helping to get the HMD working when I first received it; it froze during a firmware update and then I couldn’t reset the headset, just had red, blue, green alternating flashing lights.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Have you tried changing any settings in the racing render Ini. file. It’s in your documents/iracing/dx11renderer. In it there is a line you can adjust the level of sharping. I jack it up to 200 which helps. Also you have to tick sharpening in graphics settings. There is a post in the iracing forum under virtual reality that will help you out also.
Not on my pc otherwise I would give you a link.

Thanks, I will give that a shot

Please write feedback here about your experience with this settings (nvidia 2080 or 1080Ti). Pimax stuff must give me some present for this ;D

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