Pimax 5K XR current state


I am considering getting myself 5K XR headset, as I do a lot of endurance racing and half of it is during the night time, obviously :slight_smile: I am aware of the drawbacks compared to 5K+ but I really miss out on black colors in night environment.

I wanted to ask XR owners - what are best drivers for XR unit? Is XR even supported by Pitool, or it feels like it is low priority to developers?

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I have a 5K XR headset and I think it is not handled as a second class HMD. Pitool even includes a special setting for the XR which allows black level adjustments. However be aware that you trade-off pure black with black smear. I prefer the balanced setting which still offers better black levels as my 5k+ but little black smear.


very helpful to know - great setting. Thanks!

What pitool version is that BTW, latest?

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Yes. Latest beta version.

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I received 5K XR and selling 5K+ without a doubt. Yes, black smear, screendoor effect, all of that is visible. But I prefer colors and true black. I agree @MR-Alex that Balanced is pretty good.

I also really like Pure Black setting - such a step up compared to oculus as I prefer to have choice.


great HMD if only SDE wasn’t so pronounced…

Well, no HMD is perfect, all of them are trade off between something, it is just a matter of personal preferences :slight_smile:


this is exactly why it’s not perfect. there should be no tradeoffs :slight_smile: