Pimax 5K XR with RTX 2080ti eGPU on i9 9880H Lenovo X1 Extreme gen2?

Has anyone had any experience with the above set up?
I am thinking about getting an eGPU for my X1E…

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It should work fine. I take that you are connecting the laptop via Thunderbolt 3? Something that you have to know is that you will get a performance penalty when connecting via thunderbolt, that said with a 2080ti, you will likely be on RTX 2080 performance level with the eGPU. I have an Alienware laptop with the Graphics Amplifier which for graphics is a bit better than via Thunderbolt and I had no issues even when the Laptop only had a i7 4700hq processor.

You will be OK. And if you have issues then activate Brainwarp


Has anyone had any experience with using the Aorus RXT 2080 Ti Gaming Box with Pimaxes?
I have asked over at https://egpu.io/forums/which-gear-should-i-buy/vr-rig-with-lenovo-x1e-gen2-i9-9880h/#post-79521 but they don’t seem to be super VR focused there.

What would make it VR focused? Most of those labels are just marketing. As long the components are qualified is fine. That box will work well, just remember that it wont be as fast as a Desktop. Thunderbolt has bandwidth limitations. But the RTX 2080ti is quite powerful even with a drop of performance from the connector


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