Pimax 5KS with OLED

If it’s the same price than the 8K then 8K backers should be able to switch to 5KS.


And not a peep about the 5KS from the reviewers (that I have seen). Either they’re under another NDA or Pimax doesn’t even have prototypes ready yet and are figuring that they can have 5KS production ready by the time public pre-orders start going live.

We should but I don’t think they’re going to. What happens to the 100 who already had to make a decision without knowing about this? I feel like once again things are going to get messy. I’m so happy they made it to the point of shipping but my god has this been a frustrating company to follow. :joy:


Most likely under development and won’t be ready for Christmas, but backers who want to, should be able to send back their headset and get the OLED version, 5K backers would pay $100 and free of charge for 8K backers.


Is there a reason Brainwarp is not mentioned for the 5KS? Response time too high?



Delay is 15ms not <15ms
Monocular 85hz and not Single eye 90Hz ?!?
No mention of brainwarp


What´s the difference?

No idea… other than 5Hz

I have just send an email to Pimax:

"Sorry Pimax, I would like to make a change on the data:

Will you keep 8K or switch to 5K+?
I WANT TO CHANGE TO 5KS Oled version
No need to use the +100$ coupon now with this choice.

Thank you, please confirm this change on the pledge reward.

Best regards."

Backer 326 here, no tracking yet so it´s possible to change. If there is no difference more than 5Hz I demand to change the reward.


I am kinda annoyed. I hope they offer some insight on this. I doubt they let anyone swap to it seeing as it probably will cause problems with those that already received theirs.


Woooah dude. Careful there. We don’t know yet how that display looks. Imagine if it uses similar sub pixel layout as the 8k. Thus it will look shit. Are the better colors and blacks worth it??


I think we first need to know when it will be ready for production.

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Wake me up when Pimax shows the Pimax Final Fantasy XV KS with OLED :confused:

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Really need to hear from pimax … how the hell do us backers not at least get heads up on 5ks and have to find out about it like this…wtf!!?


This is getting interesting, wonder If @Sean.Huang can offer some insight on 5KS …


Something tells me they’re gonna have it ready sooner than we thought…
@jorgenRe Same resolution, same technology, simple panel change to oled in addition to all the experience accumulated in development and manufacture during these months. THIS is the product many people was waiting for, and they’re not gonna offer it to the backers?!?

I still think it’s the standard 5K they are talking about, it was supposed to have OLED at first.


the only confliction there is the price, it would be cheaper then.


Does this mean shop is no longer covered in std’s

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i wouldnt touch it if it has the same pixel matrix as the 8k