Pimax 6M Fibre Optical Cable Issue?

@PimaxQuorra Most likely.

I’m going to try a USB Y-Cable connected to the Optic Cable to get more power to it hopefully.


Which is why pimax shouldn’t have removed the 2nd usb. In fact pimax could have possibly killed 2 birds by providing the 2nd usb-c expansion connection on the headset end with adding power to the headset as well


Y-Cable didn’t overcome the issue I’m having with the Fibre Optic Cable as shown here in these videos. I’ll just use the stock Cable as it works.



@Heliosurge @PimaxQuorra

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Is it 8K X Fibre Optic Cable?

Okay sorry to hear that didn’t work. However noticed your using ports on top of each other. If you have a strong usb wall adapter try using the usb 2 cable plugged into it. As this will eliminate motherboard supplied usb power.

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I’ve been in touch with someone from Pimax support and they might think the cable is faulty. I have to send it to New Zealand for a replacement cable.

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Is the USB C ‘VirtualLink’ port on the RTX 2 series a possible solution to the fibre cable’s power requirements without needing a y cable? I have a 2080 Ti and have one of these cables arriving shortly.

As much as I’d like a 3090 I’m pretty confident I can get by until the next generation (given in my case it would require not only a non-existent stock of GPU’s, but also a non-existent stock of a specific waterblock and some additional custom glass-bending!).

You have to plug both plugs into different internal hubs. In your video, the two hang together in one. There’s not enough power coming out. Use USB 2 and 3 separately.


@dstar So you’re saying to plug the USBs into 2 USB connections on the Motherboard or one in the MB and one in the USB PCIe card?

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That is what I was referring to in you video. Instead of plugging into the stacked ports seperate them.

Like your one in Motherboard and one in pci-x expansion card. As you mentioned the pci-x card has extra power. Plug the usb 3 cable into it and the usb 2 power cable in the motherboard.



Below was your video

3rd method
Pc USB port
power usb2 cable to usb wall adapter.

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The Optic cable has been RA’d to New Zealand. I also sent the Y-cable back to amazon.

When I get a optic cable back, I’ll try the PCIe USB expansion card again and see if I get more EMI interference through the hmd as I have grounded the rig and controller cabinet.

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