Pimax 8K Screen upgrade to 8K+

@anon23564932, I really feel good for all 5k backers who are now receiving a better screen in 5K+. Having said that, for the 8K backers, this has somehow created a dilemma about which HMD to go for. I would personally prefer not to be put in this situation and ask Pimax to also upgrade the 8K screens and get an 8K+. Perhaps this can be an option for those backers preferring to get their HMD next year along with the controllers and base station. Could this be a possibility?. I would appreciate if this can be proposed to your CEO and provide an official answer.



I am willing to wait for a better screen!

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I think the same way, i would prefer to wait for a 8k screen upgrade to 8k+ until controllers and bases are completely done.

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Would smaller panels (thus better screen utilisation) be enough to make up for the upscalling blur?

What would be really cool, would be for the scaller to able to use 1:1 pixels resolution on a smaller area (like 130-150 degrees@80fps) through one unique display port (since the whole screens aren’t used in full anyway).

The problem with your proposal is that no alternative for the panel exists.

Earlier, it has been stated that 8k and 8kx has the same screen. Also that the 8k can be upgraded to 8kx by removing the scaling chip and installing new cables.

I Hope Pimax gives us more information on this as it will be important in determining if going for 5k+ or 8k.

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I am ever happy to wait pimax 8k until the 5k become 5k+, lol.

What you want is the 8K X, that’s really the only way to get the same clarity as the 5K+, to output from your computer at 4k per eye and send that to the 4k panels. Because the problem is upconverting, any time you upconvert to a non-native resolution as a display panel, you get a blurry picture. The quality of the upconversion is in how blurry it will be.


I missed that information. If that would be confirmed my problem of decision would be gone.

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