Pimax 8k to 5K+ Coupon is it a scam? (resolving)

So I ask support about the $100 Credit for the price difference downgrading from the 8K to the 5K+.
I’m told that the “discount coupon” can not be used to buy the hand motion, but it can be used to buy the following things:
5m DP cable;
Protective sleeve;
Comfort kit;
Replacement Foam.

This is BS. It’s not a voucher it’s a credit.
There was a price difference, the $100 should be able to be used on whatever we want.
I paid you the extra $100 cash. it’s not a voucher.

I’m told there was a deal that ended at the end of last year where we could use towards the Hand tracking module with the $100 “Voucher”.
It shouldn’t matter if there was a deal. It was my $100

Guys is there something that can be done?


When they made us the offer to downgrade (and strongly suggested us to do it), it wasn’t mentioned that we could only use the coupon on useless items from the shop, of which most of them we got for free anyway.

The Kickstarter email said, we can use the coupon on items in the shop, not excluding anything.

The exact wording was the following:
“- If you are an 8K / X backer and decide to switch to 5K+, we will provide you $100 coupon to purchase accessories (modules etc.) in our online store. Stay tuned for the pre-order of headsets and accessories: eepurl.com/cCSair



Could you please provide the ticket # to us? And we will take a look at it, and try to speak with the support about the $100 on handtracking.

Thank you so much.


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Ticket #13232


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More coupon drama!!! Good luck @tinman12345


What is the official answer on what the downgrade credit can be used on?

Nothing yet. I think they are on holidays now.

Bump so it doesn’t get deleted