Pimax 8k X and Pimax lenses in general. Pimax please put your main focus on lenses and sweet spot. Not pushing out HMD after HMD

I have an IPD of 60.5 and can hit the sweet spot for some reason in my 8KX. I do wear glasses and am wondering if they do some type of correction for me. I have a very clear and wonderful view but only with my glasses on. I use a strap for the glasses to keep them tight against my face so they do not touch the Fresnel lenses as I found that out after scuffing my 5k plus and having to polish out the scuffs.
This will make you Cringe ! Fixed scuffed lens - OpenMR | Community


All these testimonials really makes me want to know what it is that differs between the eyesight of those who say they have great visuals with the p8k/5k series lenses, to the point they are now claiming: “better than Index”, and that of myself and by all accounts a not inconsiderable number of others, who get terrible results.

(EDIT: …and please don’t give me: “you are wearing it wrong”, because I can assure you there is no position or angle I have not tried, that could give me even one single eye good.)


You did this to an 8kX? We need to know. You could sell such modified 8kX units as an aftermarket service, I think that could be huge to making this available to some people.

No really, just getting a few such units out there could make a difference to the VR world.

The 8kX resolution is much better than the Index, and this is quantifiable. Like 50% better, particularly for VirtualDesktop, exactly as SweViver’s Through-The-Lens photos show.

I think the 8kX works well for 80% of people. The remaining 20% have face shape, IPD, strabismus, or other characteristics that make the default 8kX geometry unsatisfactory for them.


The screen resolution was never under contest – this is about the lenses.

Whatever eye conditions the unknown percentage of people the HMD does not work for may have, they do, at least in my case, not impede using other headsets.


Yes of course. I meant optical resolution.

For me, the 8kX lenses work very well. I don’t even start to see a blur outside the sweetspot, until I am looking at an FOV near the edges, at about the FOV the Index is limited to.

AFAIK, the Valve Index does have better adjustability, and is known to be more suitable for some people with narrow IPD and such.


Yeah i gave this one a go on my 1 day old 8kX and the difference is HUGE. Nice clear sharp view in both eyes looking left right, i certainly don’t mind. Sweet spot size is not bad. I havent seen the picture on the reverb G2 but i just don’t need one anymore. Lost a bit of FOV of course but we’re not talking much.

I have to commend Pimax on their software here, couldnt do this without the IPD sliders but i do wish we had the range to begin with. I plan to 3d print a small adapter so i can keep the lenses closer with an offset and still get the auto tuning. The tricky part was aligning the lenses again due to its mechanical gear linkage being impossible to tune one by one and you had to click them together using some force then un click but i got it to 99% ish so im happy with that. If you do it to many times you can break some plastic. Could possibly be another way but i don’t think so.

Edit. Sweet spot is small but i can use my eye to look around and still have a reasonable image with the 4k displays when playing racing sim to look at mirrors and the sides. Cockpit text is another matter.


Outstanding. You might want to seriously think about buying an 8kX during the upcoming events, and reselling with this mod. Apart from making some profit, you could change someone’s VR experience.

he could also apply to pimax, show people how to assemble the hmds correctly.

Congratulations on your fortune.

Confident enough in Pimax’s QA to trade devices, or eyeballs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I need only turn my head by a degree, for something that was exquisitely, crisply sharp when seen through the very centre of the lens, to significantly blur across adjacent pixels, losing all definition, and that is after improving the inital situation with a slight lens-to-screen distance modification, and extensive looking for the sweet spot.(…as in lens-to-eye spatial relationship) .


If I did that, then I would probably resort to the extreme IPD mod Trigen has apparently done. So no, I am fortunate, and I know it. :wink:


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“Same”, as in: “I experience the same” (which would be odd, since it contradicts everything you have said so far), or: “same”, as in: “would, again, do the previously mentioned mod” (which doesn’t really solve the problem - only moves and slightly mitigates it, whilst making other matters worse). :7

EDIT: Maybe: “same” as in: “have also put in the time to find the sweet spot”… or something different altogether? :7


Same, as in, I find misalignment of the sweet spot by even <0.5mm significantly degrades optical clarity. I noted this in my video regarding the NOT FINAL unit, and it applies to basically all Pimax headsets, if not all headsets using ‘single-element’ lenses.

EDIT: Oh my mistake. I meant that moving the headset, relative to my head, causes loss of optical clarity. Moving my head around does not cause any problem. Seems like your MAS is not a good fit, maybe you should try my hinges!


It certainly, and infamously, applies to Valve’s dual-element lens, but even so does n… EDIT: backspace, backspace, backspace… :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t even figure into the matter. I have frequently been holding the HMD “bare” in my hands, without either MAS or Comfort Kit, and moved and turned it every conceivable which way and that, trying to find that elusive sweet spot, if only for one single eye, and this is the best I’ve got. :confused:


If you’re in doubt if the IPD dailer is correct.
Place the headset on your lap
shine a flashlight on the lenses and look straight at them.
In the middle of each lens you can see clearly the inner ring
Measure with a caliper from ring to ring
For me there is a deviation of 1mm with my optician measured ipd and the ipd dailer
After doing this, both eyes are in the middle of the sweetspot and as clear as it can get with the lenses

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Wow! Your experience is so different from mine (not that I’m discounting yours). That situation truly sucks.

The only things that occur to me are: perhaps your eyes are deeply set and you cannot get close enough to the lenses, your headset is defective, or your headset is loose (shifting position). (Does the headset shift at all, when turning your head?)


Thank you for the empathy, and if I may be perfectly frank, your testimonial, specifically, is the main reason I haven’t completely written the p8kX off, at this point – your judgement and integrity carries quite a bit of weight, as far as I am concerned, where some other locals can be more of an unknown factor.

My p8kX is by no means free of obvious defects: There is of course the hinge issue, that we all have, and there is a gasket which presumably seals the display panel against the frame that sits on top of it, that droops down from the top edge, in the right eye.
Is my unit a lemon, optically, rather than symptomatic of the whole line? -Couldn’t tell, but if it is, then so was my p5k+, which exhibited the same issue (yes, I bought in to the X, even knowing it would have the same lenses which didn’t work for me in the p5k+. Fools and their money, and all that :P).

There is definitely wobble: With the (sole) thin foam pad, the comfort kit is too wide for my head, but that does not really matter: In spite of my deep-set eyes, and protruding caveman brow; With the HMD “stripped”, I can get all the way up to the lenses with my eyeballs, and that does not help; On the contrary, I have noticed that even for optical sharpness, the P8k/5k lenses seem to have an optimal distance, and getting closer than that, image quality begins to degrade again, which is just as well, given the eyetracking module restricts how close you can get by a fair bit. :7


What happens when you set the lenses further apart (than would your IPD suggest) to match your pupil with the lens optical axis, and then compensate with the software IPD offset the difference to match your real IPD?

My hinges solve that…

Also, if your IPD is relatively narrow, perhaps @Trigen could modify your 8kX for that? I think it would be awesome if we could get you, and others like you, a decent experience in the 8kX.

Ah, there came the other top-two credible guy. :wink:

On axis (which is my logical “first choice”), or off axis; Far or close; On axis, whilst turning the HMD in different directions, including so that a lens faces straight ahead; None of this seems to make any significant difference: The drastic and early focus falloff is about the same, and cancels most of the would-be benefits of the high screen resolution, without even getting into later matters of whether the projection lines up. :7

My IPD is on the low end, 59-60mm, placing even the “under-driven” lens-spacing trick off the table - I would need to force each lens 5mm past their end stops for the full effect, and…

…doing that doesn’t really fix the problem, though, since the focus falloff is still what it is, and too severe for a decent experience - nowhere near what I get with the Index. Even without cutting into the lens shuttles, to reduce movement restrictions, I can hold the HMD so that one eye is right in front of the centre of its lens, whilst the HMD is still facing straight forward, and I do not see any farther away from the centre, when there.

If fact, the diverging lens axes is the only reason I can see anything in any way at all approaching sharply, in at least one eye, when glancing sideways.

It is good that others do not experience this issue, I am happy for them, but I’d really like to know why I, and so many others (and I include here the entire “near IPD” crowd, without their consent, because if they were not affected, they would not have cause to fiddle with that up to begin with), get this deviating field curvature, but the lucky former profess not to. The “problem group” seems too large to dismiss as an edge case.

Presbyopia is onsetting for me, as the years pile on (…and here I have seen an ever so slight focus improvement by messing with lens-to-screen distance, but not much, and it only goes so far), but I have no myopia axial elongation that I know of. In fact, I still wonder if the HMDs are not built in such a way that they favour a bit of endmyopia and extropia. :stuck_out_tongue: