Pimax 8K X first impressions

I received my Pimax 8K X this week. I was previously using a Pimax 5K + with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti. My recent favorite game is Dirt Rally 2.0. I’ve got a SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat and AccuForce wheel. The GS-5 looks like a racing bucket seat. I have an ipd of about 67 mm. I wear glasses. I use Large field of view. I used Pitool v1.0.1.260.

Adjust game settings for the HMD refresh rate and resolution
What I do is set the Render Quality. For the 5K+, if the game was not too demanding, I used 1.75 or 1.5. The high resolution helped keep the image sharp. For the 8K X, I set it lower, maybe 1 or 1.25. I disable PP if the game does not need it. I open the SteamVR Settings and I enable the developer option called “Show GPU Performance in Headset”. That shows the frames timing while in game. You need to keep the bars below the line to avoid dipping under the refresh rate. After that, I adjust the game settings to get the best image quality while keeping the bars under the line.

SteamVR Settings - Developer

At the resolution and refresh rate that I use, an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti is not quite powerful enough. In Dirt Rally 2.0, I have to lower some settings to keep it smooth.

If I have to lower the settings too much and it’s not good looking anymore, I quit the game, lower the render quality, fire up the game again and tune the settings again. Once that done, the developer option can be disabled.

I’d love to upgrade to a RTX 3080 or 3090 but it’s not going to happen in the short term because I’d also like to upgrade the pc at the same time and it’s going to be costly.

Image quality
At the same viewing distance, I’d say text straight ahead seems to be slightly easier to read on the 8K X. On the 5K+, the SDE was slightly visible if you looked for it by panning your head slowly. On the 8K X, in regular use I don’t see the SDE. There’s still some but it’s very hard to see. I’m very pleased about that.

Bluriness in peripheral vision
On the 8K X, I noticed that if I close an eye and move the other eye toward my peripheral vision, the image gets blurry. I reconnected my 5K+ to see if it does the same thing. I never noticed before it did look slightly blurry in the peripheral vision in the 5K+. However, I think that it’s different. In the 5K+, past a certain angle, the image looks slightly blurry but it has the same bluriness for the whole peripheral vision. In the 8K X, it seems to start slightly blurry past a certain angle but as you go further toward the outside it gets even more blurry. If you close an eye, look at a specific object with the other eye and rotate you head until you eye reaches the limit of the peripheral vision, the image seems to compress. I did not get that type of distortion on the 5K+. While playing a game such as Dirt Rally 2.0, it does not matter if the peripheral vision is slightly blurry as the peripheral vision moves fast and is only there to improve immersion and to see if another car is beside you.

I just want to end by saying that it’s really not an issue. In every day life, you just move your eyes about 45 degrees toward the side because further than that you loose the visual from the other eye and it’s just not comfortable. Past those 45 degrees you turn your head so real life is usually blurry past the 45 degrees to the side. I also wear glasses so past 45 degrees, it’s out of the glasses.

Color quality
The brightness and contrast settings in Pitool are a nice addition. I feel like the color quality is similar to 5K+ and could be better. Maybe the colors just need to be calibrated or it’s the limits of LCD technology. On pc, you can use a device that measures the brightness to calibrate your colors. It’s harder to do on an HMD once the lenses are installed. It would be nice if the HMD displays were calibrated during production and delivered already calibrated.

Similar to the 5K+, the lenses are very close to your eyes. I don’t really recommend to play with glasses but I sometime do it. I try to use contact lenses if possible. I might invest in adding prescription inserts. As a warning, I did scratch my glasses and my 5K+ lenses in the past one time when I was not careful enough. It’s a costly mistake.

Nose guard
I don’t like it and it seems hard to remove. It seems to be installed under the face cowling and I’m not sure but it looks like there might be some glue. I have a few reasons. It stabs on the skin near the eyes and that’s not comfortable. I like to be able to see through the nose gap when I’m looking for my keyboard or mouse or want to see where I am in my playspace.It does not work well with glasses.

New Head Strap design
I like the new head strap design but I feel like it should go slightly lower to place the padding under the bone bump behind the head. The locking at the lowest position seems like a good idea because it allows you to angle the HMD slightly, tighten it there and remove pressure on the cheek bones.

The new design for the face cowling and padding does not fit my head shape well. The 5K+ distributes the weight evenly all around. The 8K+ seems wider. The pressure is concentrated in the middle and there’s a gap on the sides. Maybe it just needs some modified padding to have a slightly thicker padding on the sides.

Head Strap and using a bucket seat
As I said, I play racing games while sitting in a bucket seat. The back of the head strap with the knob and cushioning is too thick. It pushes my head forward while sitting. What I did was take the head strap and hinges of the 5K+ and install them on the 8K X. I had to remove the plastic cowl on the 5K+ to remove the hinges. On the 8K X, the hinges can be removed with a screwdriver. It’s a bit front heavy but it’s not too bad as long as it’s tight enough and low enough at the back of the head.

Overall result
It’s an upgrade over my 5K+ and I like it. It’s going to get even better with the newer video cards that are starting to come out.


Thank you. Very interesting attempt to dial in the right game settings with the performance graph. I use fpsVR program which displays that too but I have never tried your way.

I had a 5k+ too and it had massive distortions (geometry bending textures). I have sold it because I found it immersion breaking.

But I had not tried with different foam thickness back in the days. Maybe that would have solved it.

My 8kX will be here hopefully next week.


AFAIK the 8K-X uses the same lenses but the screens are smaller. Maybe that explains the difference?

Seems like you probably got bad hinges. You can request a replacment:

There are two types of face foam for the comfort kit: Thick and Thin. It sounds like you got the thin foam. You can request a thick foam:

Note that the thick foam will also increase eye depth and could negatively affect your visual experience. In that case, you can pad the sides with strips of double-sided velcro.

You may be able to use a Vive DAS mods since they have less bulk in the back than the MAS.

@Davobkk sells some well made comfort mods, including some counterweights. Note that the weight of the mods he is selling might not be optimized for 8K-X + Vive DAS.


Thanks for this write up. Same deal for me, this is for sim racing and the knob in the back would kill this for me. Its sad that you’re seeing a performance hit switching from the 5k to the 8kx. A lot of the reports said that dropping super sampling and all that other stuff got the pixel count about the same.

I’m still waiting with no update on shipping… so cant chime in with personal experience.

Our counter weights are custom made for each headset. Pimax 300 gram perfectly balances the 8KX MAS


Hence the disclaimer, since he wouldn’t be using the counterweight with the MAS. He would be using it with the Vive DAS mods or possibly the basic Pimax strap from his old headset.

I can’t say exactly how much counterweight he would need but it would definitely need more for the strap and would probably need more for the DAS.

Finally someone agrees with me. The best feature of Oculus headsets was the nose gap

every time i hear a reviewer praise a headset that has a no gap I cringe.

I can totally play ED and see my hands and every button on my keyboard.

plus i need to look down and see where I am or i couldnt play.

I may need to figure out a way to revise remove them.

Thank you for the feedback and improvement ideas. This got me thinking. I could just make some foam wedges and put them between the face cowling and facial foam. The box came with foam in the middle to hold accessories. I took a knife and cut wedges from that foam and inserted them. I’m not the best craftman and this is cut by hand so don’t pay too much attention to the uneven shape. It’s good enough for this purpose and they stick in place without doing anything special.

This gives me a better fit. I also tried thicker wedges but it was uncomfortable as it put pressures on my temples. I can see why it might be impossible to make a single foam that fits everyone. Different people need foams of different side thickness (Too thin and it wobble and leaks light in; Too thick and it’s uncomfortable).

I’ll look into adding a counterweight in the future but for now it’s good enough as it is to use.


they just need to make proper eye relief adjustment badly like in vive & index. face narrow issues won’t be fixed by this, but at least foam can be thick & you will be able to get lenses clos to your eyes without changing foam to a thin one which will decrease the comfort as well

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