Pimax 8k X FOV left right not identical. Eyestrain. Calibration issue?


For 9-10 months ive been trying to get this 8kX right and it seems impossible

I came across @risa2000 HMDQ tool and had a look at the values. I see several things are not identical. Is this a calibration thing or is it what makes it impossible to get this thing right?

If you have a look at Pimax Vision 8K X (Normal FOV, 75Hz) | HMD Geometry Database you can notice that your values differ slightly from the ones recorded by @generic a year ago. So Pimax probably played a bit with the FOVs (or HAMs). This slight discrepancy could be caused by a calibration (though I doubt that since the top and bottom remain perfectly symmetric), or some impact of a new HAM and some rounding errors. Either way, I do not think this should cause a problem in a stereo perception as the difference is very small. But I guess the only one to explain that is Pimax.