Pimax 8K X Red led

I need help.

I have connected Pimax 8K X to the Pc

Soon when i have pushed On the supply button i Have notice that the Headset was ON with a red led

I tried to put off the headset but it’s very hard: usually power On again always with red led

Then I have disconnected The Hmd and i have made the boot of windows

After that i have connected the hmd : i have read some messages of windows preparing the new

device to work . For example in Sound now i have Usb audio device selected

But the hmd led is always red

Pitool is not installed

What the led Red means at this stage ?


As far as I recall there’s two red stages:

  • bright red: Off (standby) - panels are off
  • dim red: On but not connected to PiTool (or the underlying service) - panels are on

You can enter standby by holding the power button (if You, like me, have enabled Your USB ports to be powered on always).


Thanks i have seen the change of brightness:

So from what you are saying for now is all ok.


Jup. It’s all good… :wink:


I have opened a Pitool 272 installation topic

Perhaps you could help me again

I do not want to make a mistake

PS At this stage The led stripe is green and putting netflix on the monitor my first (very first) SMAS audio impression is “VERY CLEAN” but i should continue with the installation …