Pimax 8KX, 100% working 1m extension cable for Laptops (Mini-Displayport)

Hey all!
Just want to inform you that the Club3D Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter works great with the 8KX in native DSC mode (75Hz). Tested it for a while here and I see no problems whatsoever.
Its just a 1 meter extension, but its also the best high-quality mini-DP to DP “converter” I have found. Works most likely with all headsets using DisplayPort. Remember you will also need two 1m USB3 extension cables :slight_smile:

Here are the links to the cable on Amazon (yeah its affiliate links, you dont need to use them, but if you wanna help me out then I would appreciate it… thanks):

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon Germany:
Amazon France:
Amazon Italy:


By the way, I have contacted Club3D if they are interested to send me 5m and longer DisplayPort 1.4 extensions for testing, and especially their own active USB 3.0 extension cables. Lets cross our fingers…

If you missed out the PImax 8KX DisplayPort 1.4 extension thread and video with 2 & 3m cables, here it is:


I bought the 2m Club3D extension cable in preparation for my 8KX, but found that it didn’t work with my Index. I got green sparkles in the image when using it. I don’t know if it’s because of the Index or something specific with my computer.

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It will work flawless with 8KX, dont worry.

The problem with both Valve Index cable and HP Reverb cable is the extra connector. Its a weak link where signal is lost in the first place, already without extension. Thats why its so difficult to extend Index/Reverb cables.
A very odd decision by them, if you ask me. They should remove that extra connector. It makes no sense anyway.


A really bad idea indeed.

If I recall correctly, these connectors are often specified by their -3dB (half power loss) cutoff frequency being close to, or at, the maximum bandwidth that may be used. Especially farther away from drive/receiver electronics, this can cause ‘reflections’ along the entire cable, adding significant noise as well.

This sort of loss/noise is also why the infamous ‘white dots’ show up with degraded cables for Pimax headsets.

I think it might be interesting to see flexible circuit boards used directly from the LCD panels, to tiny mezzanine connectors, to the back of headsets, with the electronics used as counterweights for perfect balance, followed by a basic fiber optic and power cable.

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Yep general rule of thumb minimal connectors as each connector affects distribution.

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@SweViver Do you have a USB-C/ThunderBolt3 port to test with an adapter? I am particularly considering a ThinkPad X1 Extreme .

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