Pimax 8KX and the RTX 4000

Will the Pimax 8KX be compatible with the RTX 4000 series graphcis cards?

Rumor has it they’re going to be released in two months and I was thinking about buying one of them, more specifically the RTX 4090, but I didn’t want to spend money in vain.

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I don’t know where you live, but I live in Canada. By the time a 4090 is available in Canada,and probably the US, the new Pimax 12K will be released and available. In my opinion,there’s not much sense even considering the new card if you plan on taking advantage of the 12K trade in offer.

It is too earlier to Speculate. The 3090ti for example has had some issues on launch with pimax. Not sure if fixed up yet. Nvidia changed something.

Hi, Eddie

Sorry my English. It’s not my native language.

I live in Portugal. Usually, new graphics cards go on sale in my country a few days after the US and Canada. And unfortunately they are always a little more expensive!

I use Pimax 8KX to play Skyrim LE in VR, with Vorpx software. Almost nothing more! Yes, I have Skyrim VR, but I prefer to play Skyrim LE. The problem is that while I get a very, very good image using the 4260 X 2400 resolution, this strangles the RTX 3090 I own. In some places in the game, the frames drop to 22-23 FPS. I don’t need a better image (it’s already good enough for me), I just need more FPS!

In my opinion and from my previous experience in VR, what makes the image good or bad in a VR helmet is not just the VR helmet itself, but the resolution that the computer can send to the VR helmet. Usually, the bigger the better! I can’t explain why, but I know that VR eats resolution.

That’s why I’d rather spend money on a graphics card upgrade than on the new Pimax 12k with the same graphics card. Also, I had the idea that the new Pimax 12k would only be released later this year, while rumors (and they are just rumors…) say that the new RTX 4000 will be released in two months.

I simply asked because I’ve seen some reports of problems between the Pimax 8KX and the RTX 3090Ti around here and it wouldn’t be funny to spend a lot of money on a graphics card to later find out that it wasn’t compatible with the VR helmet I own.

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This compatibility issue will be fixed just atm development is slow due to the lockdown in China.

This is your way of saying that the 4090 won‘t be available in Canada for at least another year, or longer, right ? Right ??

I wouldn‘t bet a dime on the 12K becoming available any earlier than Summer 2023, likely later.

But I will be looking for a 4090 too, my 2080Ti is performing well but it would be nice if I could push my 8KX a bit. The 12K will be better served with a 5090.

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Your FPS issues may well be caused by many different things. Video drivers, CPU, ram, cooling etc. etc. I have the MSI 3090 Ventus. It’s the lower end MSI 3090, but I have it water cooled. My game choices in VR are Flight Sims. Mainly, I play IL 2 Great Battles which is very demanding when it comes to FPS while enjoying maximum pic quality etc. I don’t know how long you’ve had your 8kx, but it takes time to find the best PiTool settings for different VR games. Same thing with Vid drivers. The 3090 you have should be MORE than enough to run any VR game. I can’t comment on the 3090 TI, but I can tell you, I have NO problem playing in VR with my 8kx and 3090. One thing I should mention though, when I play IL 2 and want 50 plus FPS, I have to set tne PiTool refresh to 75hz. 90hz is a bit too slow. Keep playing arounf with the PiTool settings. You might pleasantly surprise yourself. Good luck…take care…Eddie.


Hello, again Eddie

I think I’ve said before that I’m not playing Skyrim VR, but Skyrim LE in VR, with a software called Vorpx. It’s a way of playing the original Skyrim game in VR, that is heavier on the GPU and CPU than the true Skyrim VR. If I were playing the Skyrim VR released by Bethesda (which I bought and don’t even play), I believe the RTX 3090 would be a more than enough graphics card for the Pimax 8KX resolution.

The problem is that I’m very sensitive to image quality and one of the things I hate to see in a VR helmet is an image with low resolution, as if it is slightly blurred. As I think you already know, VR eats resolution. The higher, usually the better. That’s why I use, with Skyrim LE in VR with the VorpX, the resolution of 4260 X 2400 per eye, with the render quality in Pitool set to 2. Yes, that’s complete crazy, but that’s how I like to see the image of this game on the Pimax 8KX. It feels to me even better than my old 4K and 40" monitor, that I bought six years ago just to play Skyrim!

The problem is that with this high resolution and high render quality, I have very low FPS in some outdoor environments of the Skyrim LE. It must not be forgotten that despite being released more than 10 years ago, Skyrim continues to be a very heavy game because, among other things (like mods…), it makes an abusive use of drawcalls. If you want to see an example of this, install the game, download and install the mod called Midwood Isle (you can find it in Nexusmods.com) and go to this new island. This is one way of showing how Skyrim can crush any computer (at high resolutions, off course!).

My previous VR helmet was an HTC Vive Pro, with a much lower resolution (1440 X 1600 per screen) than the Pimax 8KX and I feel that it was just with the RTX 3090 (I had a GTX 1080Ti before) that I finally managed to squeeze all the juice, in terms of image quality, of that helmet (I used with this helmet and the RTX 3090, the resolution of 3200 x 2400 per eye). Hence, the decision to upgrade, in February of this year, to the Pimax 8KX (I was also tired from the low FOV, even using a thin face cushion on the HTC Vive Pro to increase the FOV).

So it was already predictable to me that the RTX 3090 would be a short performance card to get all the image quality possible in Skyrim LE, using VorpX, with the Pimax 8KX high resolution and bigger FOV . That’s why I’m looking forward to the RTX 4090, especially with the rumours that it will have about the double of the performance (which I unfortunately doubt that It will be true…) and that it’s about to come out, just at a time when the damn mining had finally the big crash and the graphics cars price are going down.

Two final notes: all my drivers are now up-to-date and my Pimax 8KX it’s the new model that only works at 90Hz.

Great to know! This damn virus will continue to torment us for a while longer.

Also, I also believe that if there are problems with the RTX 4000 serie, they will be resolved sooner or later. Not to do so would be suicide.

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The levels of enabling and being an apologist for abysmally poor QA is really something man. Big facepalm, it should be working out of the box with ALL GPUs on release with such a hefty price tag $$$$

i bet the 4090 (or equivalent) is out before the 12K.


What are you on about?

The 3090Ti issue isn’t confined to the 8KX’s new revision, at least the G2 is affected as well as per Nvidia’s changelog.

Pimax do have their issues, don’t get me wrong, but this specific issue is squarely down to Nvidia.


And if you’re referring to the incompatibility with AMD cards, know that it’s not just Pimax that has problems with these graphics cards in VR. The Vorpx software is also unable to work with AMD cards at resolutions above those used by the computer monitor, and the reason for this impossibility, according to Ralph, the guy who made this software, is the way the AMD card drivers were implemented.

And as for a poor QA, what can you say about the new VR helmets from other brands, at least one of them more expensive than the Pimax 8KX, which, more than 5 years after the appearance of the first VR helmets, are still stuck in the FOV from 110 to 120º? Why is it that almost nobody talks about it, which is a real elephant in the room?

Unfortunately, I don’t see any way this problem will be solved in future VR helmets with Micro-OLED screens that are under development, as these screens are all very small and there are physical limits to what a lens can magnify without introducing huge distortions.

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Agreed Nvidia should have had the 3090ti working out of the box on pimax. But they changed something that requires a specific Nvidia Driver and cannot use previous drivers that work fine.

Pimax 8kX did work out of the box on release with all GPUs on release and even worked on all RTX GPUs until the 3090ti. It even worked on the 3080ti which was released after the base 3090.

Now yes I agree the Revised 8kX should have worked for compatibility the same as the original with Native Refresh rates and the wide compatibility that included GTX, & Amd GPUs.

But the current issue with 3090ti is from Nvidia whom has made a big change in the driver/hardware. A user upgrading from a 3080ti or 3090 is naturally going to expect the 3090ti be 100% compatible with everything the previous card was considering it is the same series/architecture.

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indeed and not the first time either. There was at launch some 1070 & 1080 cards that were not VR ready as labelled and even affected some founders cards that iirc were based on a reference design.

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Well I didn’t know that, but in any case my point was that we really should be expecting more from hardware with a price tag in 4 figures

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My freakin luck, I just got a 3080 Ti in feb for inflated prices.

Indeed varjo and arpara hmd’s are only compatible with nvidia gpus and varjo have had QA hiccups with the aero. QA problems are certainly not limited to pimax.

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