Pimax 8kx blue interference

I notice when I increase the contrast or brightness on the right side lcd of my 8kx it creates these weird blue godrays. The left panel can be pushed to +5 without issue.

Any ideas what causes this, could it be a bad cable? I’m using the standard one not fibre optic.


It could be a bad cable or the lenses.
Is this issue only occur in certain games or does it happen every time you turn on the headset?

You may try to replug the cable and restart the Pitool service.
If this doesn’t resolve the issue, I would suggest filling a ticket with our tech specialist for a thorough troubleshooting.


Hi, at default settings it isn’t an issue. When I increase contrast or brightness of the right panel via pitool either via desktop app or with the headset on in pimax experience. It create blue lines everywhere. This of I increase the red and green Chanel only it isn’t an issue so just the blue input.

I’ve ordered a new fibre optic cable so hopefully this resolves it.