Pimax artisan and MAS

Is Pimax artisan compatible with MAS?


Yes the Artisan is compatible with the MAS.

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Maybe by any chance you know when orders are expected to be delivered to people in Lithuania?

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I don’t have those details. I presume your waiting on an Artisan Order? @PimaxQuorra can likely look into your order via your Order number.

Details on MAS progress update has not been released but hopefully should be released this week.


Hello Vilkas_Pilkas,

Yes indeed. Every Pimax models are compatible with MAS.

All the orders are deliver in sequences. So if your order number is on the list, we will prepare the product for you. But for the mean time, only Headset can be able to deliver. The MAS is now in tooling process. You may request with our support upon priority shipment of headset, then MAS come after.



I saw a thread on reddit that says Pimax Artisan comes with MAS, p4k headphones and ruggedized housing.

I’ll post it in another thread

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No it comes with the comfort Kit. A deluxe version comes with the p4k speakers which attach via the cloth strap.

Sebastian of MRTV has demoed the Artisan with the P4k Headphones