Pimax ARTISAN Discussion (Entry Level Headset)

Hmm I’d be highly disappointed in that case. Relatively to the current wide FoV lenses, these 140 Fov lenses are much easier (and cheaper) to produce. If they just slam in the old lenses, oh man, that would be a lost opportunity …

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But at 140 degrees, the old lenses are basically distortion free at the edges.
The 8K+ and X I tried in Amsterdam were said to have better distortion profiles too and indeed I really noticed a very nice stable edge in my short demos


Is there any reason to choose this one on top of index?

Pimax always claim’s his fov diagonally, so it should be 140 diagonally, more similar to the small fov of the other headsets

if this is a rgb oled then by by 8kx…

If anyone asks me what’s going on here, well I don’t know. Or I know, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. Im not allowed to talk about this unit at all. Officially it doesn’t exist. This was supposed to be announced and demoed on CES, but obviously someone didn’t agree.

Im truly sorry, but this is beyond (or above) me.


So someone was NAUGHTY and won’t be getting any PRESENTS! :santa::x:


Then that Artisan HMD does not come until Vision HMDs unlike that XMAS background right?

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Hej bror,

for the coming year I wish you thick fur, everlasting patience, and the continuous ease of mind necessary connected to it. Given that you formerly were in security too, I hope this remains second nature to you anyway.

All the best. Now let’s follow this thread to see what Rudolph has brought from Santa’s secret facilities :grin:


Pimax always claims arbitrary numbers for arbitrary measures. I was assuming it was horizontal, but you are right. It could be anything and it is probably better to be ignored.

Rudolph is probably getting marched round the back of the sausage factory for that, I’d be careful about following him.

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Hi sweviver , any update on the cable for the 8kx ?
Did it pass all the test’s or are they making a new one??
Hope you are well,
Many thanks Gary

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Not sure to who this headset is designed. This headset would have made sense 2 years ago, before Index exists. But 140 FOV diagonally is just slightly above Index, with same resolution, and without the Index quality or audio.
Except if price is half the Index headset, I do not see why I would choose this one over Index (and if I need to take the full kit, decision is just obvious). The idea is good, not everyone needs or wants 200 FOV, but they should have increased a little bit more the FOV (around 160 diagonal) and / or increase resolution. If not… there is not any big advantage over what already exists… with the disadvantage of being a Pimax heaset.

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Hi Gary! The new cable and PCB has passed all the tests in Shanghai. Im receiving new samples of the headsets+cables here in Sweden later this week to do more in depth tests and to confirm. But I dont expect to find any issues at this point, as the cable is now a manufactured unit and not a custom mock-up as before.
I will also test if any extensions (2,3 and 5 meters) are possible. I doubt it will work with extensions, but who knows :slight_smile:


Does the testing include heavy twisting, for us who hang the cables from the ceiling? I often find my cable is really spun around the same direction a lot and I always fear this might be too much for the cables


@Pimel Yes of course. Thats why I asked for more than one cable, just in case :stuck_out_tongue:


Found this : https://vr-legion.de/news/pimax-artisan-einstiegs-vr-mit-3-200x1-440-pixeln-und-120-hz-angeteasert/

My guess 5k+ will be better in every way exept price. But I would like to be wrong :smiley:


Some would think about switching to Pimax 8KX if they could be connected wirelessly, even in upscale mode.
But it seems that, for some reason that escapes me, it will not be so.


I’m wondering if it might be using these OLED panels: 2x 1600x1440 = 3200x1440, by the same “8K” naming justification Pimax has used:


Yeah they need to put those 4k panels in. THEN the headset makes sense (if they designed new lenses for it, to use the whole panel of course at 140 FoV).