Pimax artisan shipment?

So i ordered a pimax artisan about a week ago when they got back in stock very briefly, on the page itself, they advertised a 2 to 3 day dispatch time. It has now been double that amount of time with no sign of anything coming from their support team.

Now ive discovered this website which does not give me any hopes for my pimax headset actually shipping any time soon. I even spent money buying a vive deluxe audio strap with the adapter to use it on the pimax.

Is there any way i can contact someone more reliable than their non english speaking support staff to know about my order?

Write to support if you dont get a answer to your question then write here on the forum with support number.

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Sounds not right, I know we had a batch ready for instant handling within 2-3 days. Let me check with the team now.


Hi there i ordered an artisan too ,the limited edition after watching last weeks event,they went out of stock fast but i was one of the first orders
should be here on the 13th, cant wait,
have been vr less since i sold the rift s at alyx launch, made a healthy profit ,which i now invest in pimax,
i only play sims dcs etc,cant wait to launch of the supercarrier and syria map is just around the corner,
my order seems to be stuck in shanghai too, its coming fedex, im not worried or anything it will be here when its here but if your checking anyway i will keep an eye on this post, regards from the highlands of scotland, stay safe ,live long and prosper folks


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As @Skidrow mentioned submit a ticket or if you have already post your Ticket # here and @PimaxQuorra your Official community representative can look into your order.

If your comfortable post your order number here or click on Pimaxquorra’s name and send him a pm.


I’ll send him a dm, thank you very much for the help.

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Just order off aliexpress 7 days from order shipped to U.S

Ordered on the 30 June, received Fedex tracking number next day, delivery to UK scheduled for 9 July.

A bit strange that for the last 3 (EDIT - 4 days) days it was traveling between 3 (EDIT - already 4) Fedex local facilities in SHANGHAI, but there is still hope :slight_smile:

Does your Pimax Store order have Delivery Order listed?

This has happened to my tracking too. Just always ‘in transit’ and Shanghai CN.

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A day before scheduled delivery and it’s in SENNAN-SHI, JP, hopefully will see it here in UK today/tomorrow.


Same here Peeps its moved to japan, woot woot ,
the shanghai shuffell, is over lol
brace yourself it could be here on time,in the UK on the 13th was my date
regards to all.
ps feel like a kid at xmas ,jeeez i need to get a life ,lol

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Just left Koeln this morning, so doubt it will be here today either.

Same here, was in GRACE-HOLLOGNE BE yesterday, then arrived at KOELN DE, and left it today morning, so hopefully will be here in UK in a couple of days. Scheduled delivery was yesterday.

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The Eagle has landed gentlemen , in stanstead
wont be long now, time too download steamvr and pitool
best regards , stay safe folks


Received it today, had only a few minutes to play but it seems more impressive than my 8K. No issues with setting up (single base station 2.0), tracking or Index controllers and HLA looks stunning.


Artisan just to confirm?

Nice news ,mines doing the fedex tour of inverness , loch ness ,as we speak
should defo be here tommorow cant wait, thanks for the heads up ,
getting moist thinking about it , lol
best regards.


Great news enjoy your Pimax and that FOV!!!

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Thank you!

Yes, it’s Artisan, I’m also waiting for a 8KX (KS plan D), but seems like will be using Artisan until eye tracking, Ryzen 4000-series and Nvidia 3080Ti will be available.

Quite impressed with SDE and colors (without any adjustments), seems better than my 8K, but it may be me only.

Using it with DAS and it’s also easy to hit the sweetspot with comfort kit.

Need some time to play with it, want to try ED, HLA, EuroTrack Sim and Star Citizen via Revive. I also have FS2, Asserto, and a lot of other games, but not too much time…


Last week on Monday ordered, paid and confirmed. Is the Artisan coming or not?