Pimax Artisan with Vive Pro strap


I complete my Pimax Artisan with Vive Pro Strap using this adapter and koss ksc75 headset.

This is really comfort and koss ksc75 sound is really great.

Vive Pro strap : 45$
Koss KSC75 : 20$


Hi, but where did you buy a Vive Pro strap for 45$?


That is awesome! But agreed where you score the Vive pro strap? Look forward to seeing a side by side of the MAS when available. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

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Here it is. But you’d better confirm stock before order.



Where did you get the ksc75 assembly for the Vive Pro strap from?

Just ordered the strap and a 3D print for the adapters, will be interesting on my 5K+ with the CK.

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I modded this thing my self. and just attached by 3m tape.
And if you want to try this mod, you have to get screw. mobile-parts doesn’t sent screw to me.


This is modded stl file by me. (Sorry for not as good modeling).
If you need to adjust some parts, using blend file easily.




Fantatsic, thanks!

All parts are ordered, will give feedback once assembled.

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Would be great to have an alternative source. Their website is at best extremely difficult to use.

Do the HTC Vive Pro Headphones work with the Pimax’ USB-C port?

This is a very interesting option.

The HTC vive pro headphones are wired into the board via 2x small 4 pin connectors.
Best bet would be to rewire them to a 3.5mm audio jack


Hi, thanks for the response.

Oh okay thanks for the information

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Feels abit fishy, HTC dont sell there Prostrap at all and charge 100 for DAS, this one is without speakers so wounder if it simple someone copied HTC Prostrap without ok from HTC :slight_smile:

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Hard to say but with HTC discontinuing the pro. Might be left over stock.

Either way this is good for folks waiting on the clone for their headset.


Just a quick heads up for anyone considering doing the same mod:

It‘s been 15 days since I ordered the Pro headstrap from mobile-Part.com and I‘m yet to receive it. Last tracking status ist from May 16th leaving China, no news since.

I have received all the 3D printed parts and will update on assembly once and if I get the headstrap.

You’ll need to this one.
And also screw. I removed the screw from the vibe and used it.

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OK, can you reference what sort of screw would be needed?

I was under the impression that the .stl files you had previously shared were all that was required.

I will order two of the most recent .stl file you have linked but it would be a shame, if 2 screws missing would render the entire project defunct.

I can’t found about screw’s info.
So I just used screw from vive that no longer in use. If you need picture, I’ll take photo and upload when I can.

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Are we talking OG Vive or Vive Pro?

I have an OG Vive in my spare parts.

It’s an original Vive screw same as Vive pro.