Pimax (Aukey) 4K vs Pimax 8K "UltraWings" (through the lens)

Made today a comparison of the Pimax 4K (Aukey 4K for 60$) vs Pimax 8K through the lens.
The pictures are not very good quality, because the Pimax 4K SDE is very small, it is quite difficult to catch.

But nevertheless, I offer for viewing and comparison (for now this is only in one game UltraWings. Later I will do it in others):











These pictures are great man. The 4K looks like tge most amazing value now. I am seriously ready to get one. Lol


Yes, in terms of clarity and SDE 4K is easily ahead of 8K :sunglasses:
But his FOV is rather narrow … + there is a ghosting (splitting of the picture).
P4K is clearly not for active games…
But for videos and simulators, it should go well, provided that you do not quickly turn your head :wink:

For such a price of $ 60, it is just a godsend :gift:


Im curious what video looks like on it. The rift through the lens looks about VHS for quality. I’m curious what the 4K’s quality could be catagorized as.


I’m going to watch a movie in it today.
Only for some reason my headphones do not work, maybe I didn’t connect any wire to the board when I took it apart.


Great pics. For the price might order one for the screen for a diy projector maybe.

It does clearly demonstrate that upscaling can work well if done with the right type of display.


Haven’t tried it yet but bought telefrag

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I tried to watch 3D movies in both headsets: 4K and 8K.
And one thing I can say for sure: Pimax 4K wins in terms of clarity on video.
Smaller details are more noticeable.

Although, the pixel structure itself is also noticeable here, since it is rather specific in the form of rainbow waves.
But she is very petty. Therefore - it is easily forgotten.
You can watch the video with pleasure.

But FOV again disappoints me in P4K.
He is so narrow … I do not even know how to describe.
It seemed to me that it is 2 times less than the “Small FOV” Pimax 8K. Well, really.
For example, a movie in 21: 9 format can be easily increased by 2 times on Pimax 8K, compared to Pimax 4K.(10m vs 5m)

And here I can say that 8K can already be compared with it on a 2 times larger enlarged screen. And it already becomes more interesting to look at it: the image is bigger there, the view is wider, the 8K pixel pattern is less noticeable in its structure, even though the pixel itself is larger than that of the P4K.
This is with regard to widescreen movies 21: 9.

But the 180-video will look more clarity on the Pimax 4K.
Although in these videos and 8K all is well, close-ups and so on :sunglasses: The pixel pattern is invisible. Just clarity and detail less.

So, in principle, given the broad FOV 8K, I probably would rather choose it for watching videos sometimes .

Soon I will test Pimax 4K in the simulator: Assetto Corsa.
Maybe there he will have more luck. (but I am discouraged by FOV)


Actually do you have Oscar’s FoV tester?

The 4k I believe is around 95 - 100° hFoV if mem serves.

Keep in mind screenwise p4k is on par like other gen1 FoV headsets similar to old pan & scan TV sets 8:9 screen with eyes combined.

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Yes, of course, I have a ROV test Beta.
But the gamepad does not work there …Test fails :japanese_goblin:

But very very narrow. I even see the edges of the panel.
I don’t know why he is like that. But he is.
In fact, when viewed in Simple VR Player, the maximum screen for the Pimax 4K was 5m, and for 8K - 10m.

From here I concluded that his FOV is 2 times less than Small FOV 8K.
This, of course, is not accurate.
It is necessary to find an opportunity to check in some tests :roll_eyes:

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If you can find the reviews from the contest. I think one of contestants had test images for FoV.

Might have been the fellow that had an Oculus & pimax hooked up at the same time playing.

Granted you wouldn’t be able with p4k & 8k.

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By the way, for some reason it is cheap, strange.
I wanted to buy it, but changed my mind after reading reviews: there is something with a smooth movement.

Yes, I once had test images with FOV around the world on SteamVR.

I will try to install them with 8K controllers, and then go there with Pimax 4K.

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I think the ones used in by the contestant was just static images.

Figured Telefrag might be worth a look since it seems to have support for Gamepad.

Think we need to organise some games between fellow pimaxians. After all we spend a lot of time here together. Might be better to wear da helmet. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Yes, amazing - Telefrag really supports the gamepad :grinning:
This is clearly a step in the right direction.
It is not always possible to play with the controllers.

Given the price tag that they ask for, it’s worth trying at least.:sunglasses:


Well will find out. Hopefully it’s not falsely tagged. Lol

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Today I rode again to Assetto Corsa with a wheel and pedals in both helmets for a quick direct comparison.

The clarity in P4K is much better, a step ahead, that’s for sure. But the FOV is so small that you do not even see the side mirror … Yes, even in the rearview mirror, you need to slightly raise the left-up head to see.

And in 8K after P4K, the picture is pretty disgusting …(It concerns specifically autosimulators.)
The cars even at 10 meters are already all in pixels, they are directly visible. What can not be said about 4K …
But the review, everything can be seen around well …

And then immediately there is a choice between extremes: “very good view” VS “minimum FOV, but high definition + no pixel porridge on the horizon, cars, etc.”

One thing I can say for sure. At the moment, I understand that now I don’t want to play more simulators in 8K at all. (Considering that the helmet with high definition is at hand (P4K), despite the FOV).
And perhaps this is the very moment when the resolution has a higher value than the FOV…somehow.

I have to make a comparison in simulators through the lenses.(Assetto Corsa of course)
There will be a very noticeable difference between 8K and P4K, I think.


The 8k would have been considerably better with Rainbow Rgb. Tbh if the 5k+ had had Rainbow RGB would likely have prefered the 5k+ over the standard block pattern. If the p4k had the ghosting resolved it would be a very nice headset overal save the dullness of the display.

Unity Chan Rockstar is interesting. It’s locked to max of 60hz but shows the p4k potential; ghosting is reduced to a tolerable level of play.

Otherwise if you use controller/wheel p4k does reasonably well. Unity Chan pressing spacebar reveals the p4k is not using post processing or other techniques that may help with ghosting effect.


I wonder what the comparison of Pimax 4K to Reverb would look like… :smile:


Well, I think that the Pimax 4K will be close to Reverb, but will yield a little.
Still, we can look at the parameters.
Pimax 4K has a 3840x2160 panel, which gives us a 1920x2160 per eye with a maximum native resolution of 1280x1440 per eye.

While Reverb has 2160x2160 native resolution on the eye.
He should definitely be a little ahead. (2160х2160 native vs 1920x2160 non-native)

Yes, I would like to take a look at this :beers:


In my experience the Reverb was much sharper (because it’s not scaling up but has native 4k). Unfortunately I only had 1 day with the Reverb and didn’t do a direct comparison to my Pimax 4k, but it seemed much sharper and much better colours and of course no ghosting (which is the main problem with the 4k in my opinion)