Pimax base stations and controllers status?

Hi, i’ve paid for a command of the base stations and controllers since more than one year now.
I’m a backer of the 5k+ but didn’t back the whole package, only the hmd.

Now, as i’m using it for mainly dcs, i’m still with no info or whatever of my command.
Are the base stations finished?
The controllers?

Thanks Pimax to give me a feedback.

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Nobody has got any info whatsoever trollray. I’m afraid we’ll need to keep waiting unless you pressure them to give you a refund, but I’m not sure if that is going to work.
You can also switch to Index Base Stations + Controllers but, paying the difference of course.

depending your country and where it is delivered from , you should receive it soon.

Yes the basestations comes from Valve
You might create a support ticket and ask if Pimax will send the basestations to you beforehand.

Maybe this year. No exact schedule given.

Edit. Yes they plan to release the controllers indeed this year. Sense or Nonsense, I don’t know. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ve long gave up on the controllers. By the time I get them it won’t even matter anymore. My Pimax is limited to gamepad use only and sadly there aren’t too many gamepad VR games like there used to be. I heard they’re supposed to be selling us the hand tracking module to the backers for $99 limited time but not sure when that starts. Anyone else have info?

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its incredibly pathetic that I haven’t gotten base stations or controllers so long after I paid for the whole thing. Bugger all news or responses from the team, i’ve sent numerous communications.

@PimaxQuorra are we likely to ever receive the accessories we paid for?

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All I can say is that I think Pimax intends to do that, but I think they were way too optimistic and “bit off more than they can chew”. Unfortunately, that means we must all be patient. Have you tried playing seated games using a joystick, steering wheel, or HOTAS? There are a number of good VR games that use those inputs.

If you only have a gamepad, I suggest you try Assetto Corsa. I like it a lot and it has the best gamepad control that I’ve seen in a racing game: Tilt left or right to steer. It’s much better than trying to steer with a thumb-stick.

Assetto Corsa is only $20 on Steam and is likely to go on sale at some point this summer. It’s great in VR (although the menu screens are displayed on your flat monitor). That is, only the driving part is in VR. If the in-VR text is too small, reduce the size of the monitor game window, since the VR text size seems to be based on the mirror window res. Also, you’ll probably want to tweak some of the in-game graphics options, in order to get a good VR experience. Iirc, turn off AA and post-processing effects and reduce the shadow quality a bit. If you do get the game and need help tuning it, you can PM me and I’ll share my settings.

I am the backer 942 and I think I may be dead before I received my accessories, knowing that I had also given 100 euros to have the leapmotion, wait, we don’t know what that means … … we have to be two years old for us to wait !!! I still only have the 8k headset and nothing else, and I gave more than 1000 euros, so patience, my headset I hardly ever used it so much that it relieved me !!!

Did you open a ticket at Pimax support?

You might want to have a look at this thread here:

I am backer 300 and I got my base stations last Monday (requested sending in March).


So no, I did not email support, trusting it again. It must also be said that I had requested delivery of all the items at the same time; remember they asked us. So I tell myself that it must play it, but frankly, I don’t know anymore, if we have to write, wait, or what to do … they got so confused with their changes and their plan, that I don’t even know anymore to which plan I belong: from A to F it seems to me, my helmet is one of the first 8k and I did not want to change, to avoid further confusion, and I should not have been the only one. So I would like PIMAX to contact at least these first BACKERS, it’s a real SHAME, I’m tired of waiting, I’m tired of reading all these countless posts for years, and I’m tired to write to the support, because I had already done it for the cords compared to the flickering of the screen! Finally I will be patient and write again to this PIMAX support! Thank you Scudbuster.

So now, I would like someone to explain to me who answered in my place … that I “received” my full contribution ??? It is blown up frankly, bravo PIMAX, you are serious! I ask that everyone do the same thing as me … copied pasted, your contribution and tell us if you received “their promises as backers paid in November 2017 Lolllllll …”, thank you!

Practically three years of waiting, and that I tell my friends, it will happen, it will happen, and everyone and I will end up laughing at it … I would not play Russian roulette again, with pimax, that’s for sure !!!

I thought of creating a support ticket here:

You maybe have to create a new account for this.
In case you do not get any response after a few days, you should contact @PimaxQuorra directly e.g. via pm in this forum.


Thank you for the links and the info, I will make a request and we will see what happens next, oh now I got it in my mind that nothing will happen, like that I get impatient more …

frankly it is abused, even at the level of tickets, they simplify nothing; they ask for this information in mandatory fields, don’t you even want to send a ticket ??? Pffff it disgusts me … @PimaxQuorra

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