Pimax - cable issue - Bad support

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This topic is because i had a problem with my Pimax and after some mail i had a response…
The problem was that i see lot of blinking pixels in the HMD expecially in black images (of course) it seems a chrismtmas tree… i did a video through the lens too, send them and looking in internet and forum the issue is knowed like a problem to first cable so they did the new one better isolated… his technical support team confirmed BUT today i received this mail… so…

I’m a backer… i trusted in Pimax when the Pimax 8k was just an idea on kickstarter two years ago… a great idea for me, and they did a great job because there’s no VR HMD that has FOV, resolution, quality like Pimax did on the market, but the support… i hope they change their mind and send me the new cable as they said before…


Maybe Pimax is eating cables or smoking something from Gouda…
White Dot cables are a well known problem and they should be replaced for free.

I can’t believe that this topics comes up again, Pimax do you train your support, ever???


They sent me a new cable after mine went bad, its very much a warranty thing in mu mind.

As a side note im still on my first vive cable and its been used for 2k+ hours since i got my vive back on the day it released in 2016.

My 5k+ cable went bad after only 500 or so hours.

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I have the same issue. I’m waiting for over a month now to get a reply from the support.

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Hi Migliorare,

I am so sorry to read this. For any reason, once our FAE confirmed we should replace for you. Then we should replace cable for you. Sorry for that. We will process shipping in 5 working days. Please do tell me your ticket number so that I can ask after-sales to start shipping process.

(I still need to clarify that usb cable expiration is normally months. But as for the cables with issue of snowing pixels caused by design, and Pimax promised to replace such usb cables. But We do not guarantee the replacement of cables that cause problems after wearing. )



I’m waiting almost two months now with absolutely zero reply. I have this issue from day 1, it’s not a wear problem. #18966.

@Konger please help this customer too. ^^^

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What is a wearing problem?

My guess - @Konger you mean that from walking over or doing other maneuvers on the cable while being immersed?

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Thank you Konger,
my ticket is #20257 thank you for the response.
P.S. The cable is suspended so that it is not pounded or consumed… :wink:
What do you mean that the cable life is expected in months? I hope much much more… :open_mouth:

I think this means they don’t replace items that exceed their ‘wear and tear’ policy times https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wear_and_tear

As always, it then comes down to what is considered a reasonable length of time on wear and tear. Knowing how many months Pimax will offer cover on these would help.

However, if these items are shown to be faulty on delivery, then they will be replaced.


It is supposed to be worn and torn - it is a cable to the HMD. I mean, if Pimax believes that the cable should not be bend, twisted, stepped on, and pulled they should not have designed the HMD for it in the first place.


Well yes absolutely, but that means it’s reasonable for them to replace it for free it’s broken on day 1, or fails early within the first weeks etc, but not necessarily if the cable has been in use for over a year, for example. That would be enough fair wear and tear for it to become the owner’s responsibility to buy a replacement.

So it just depends how long Pimax sets on their policy for reasonable wear and tear. Ie how many ‘months’?


Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will discuss the details of the after-sale cable replacement, and we will give you a reply. Thank you

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please send me the tracking number, thank you.

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Indeed, as you said, we need to clarify the time.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. The team will reply to you soon.

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@Matthew.Xu Ticket number 18860

Hi Matthew,
My backer friend Covsnowy has asked me to remind you about his ticket #20241.
He has 2 cracks in his 5k+ and the audio socket is faulty but was refused an rma,the reason for refusal was that the headset is over 6 months old,heliosurge has tried to help behind the scenes(Thanks Helio) but there’s been no replies from support.He can’t use his headset and is obviously very frustrated, can you please help him because he feels the headset should at least be covered by years guarantee,even a kickstarter product and his 2 problems are widely known faults.


What???they are actually refusing to replace his headset, which has 2 well known issue’s? ?? And their reason is its out of warranty??? I can’t believe this, surely it was 12 months warranty and seeing as the issues are widespread they have to repair or replace his headset. This is totally unacceptable pimax. I have lost all faith in this company. Was your friend a kickstarter backer? If so, it’s even worse as without us they wouldn’t be in the position they are today. Pimax don’t do themselves any favours…turning out to be a farce of a company