Pimax *Collector* Box

Hi guys,

I want to talk about it because I am actually happy with this, I plan to make a video about this once…I have time.:sweat:
I dont have a Mystery Box from Pimax but has a gift/reward I do have a Collector Box.

I answered a few questions about how I could see VR2.0 to be in the Pimax Frontier Conference (Fun fact I replied almost exactly what the 12k is going the be) and to thanks me (I take that also for the long years I support Pimax, yes I know we are plenty) I received this collector box with Pimax labelled items and some are very cool.

A very sturdy backpack with lot of compartments and an usb connection to be able to charge something that is inside the backpack without taking it out. :+1:

A cool hoody (on the back there is “To go where no one has gone before!” :

And a Thermos to keep my coffee warm (with a fun pop up button to open it) while I am working outside ^^, a hat , a huuuge mouse pad (might be something like 1 meter wide) to fit my whole desk, a fabric bag (I can run errands with this lol) and a 2TB HDD from Western Digital (with its transport case), everything labelled Pimax (Except the HDD case).

Everything to be ready for taking the 12kOLED out :astonished:

I want to publicly thanks Pimax, Esther, David and Calvin for this 🙇‍♂️
We are a few luckies to have this and I am one of them :open_mouth:

And merry Christmas to you all :clinking_glasses:


Merry Christmas !!


It’s almost like they collected everything we want to hear, so that they could reel us in by saying: “yes” to all of it… :9


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