Pimax Comfort Kit, installation and review (Français with English subtitles)

Hey guys,
Another small review in french but as usual with english subtitles.
Today, the Pimax Comfort Kit :

Salut à tous,
Aujourd’hui petite vidéo sur le Kit Confort des Pimax.
Petite review et installation :


Thanks for the review.

Since I’m planning to buy this using the downgrade voucher provided to backer who switch from 8K to 5K, I’m still waiting for Pimax (your french pronunciation of the brand name is always funny to hear) to offer face foam replacement for the comfort kit before burning my 100$ voucher.

Anyway, seems like a must have (or “should have been from the start”)

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Thanks for watching ^^
Yes there are already talks about that pronounciation but actually it is the correct one :stuck_out_tongue:
Since it is “π max” and not "apple-pie-d-automne max" ^^
I think the old stock on could have been better twice thick but it is too thin and hard :confused:
Remember when you use coupon it is a one way use, if you use if for a 50$ item it uses the whole 100$ coupon.

Yes obviously, that’s what I’m waiting for the comfort kit foam replacement to be available on the store before ordering the comfort kit itself.
I will maybe throw a sleeve (not that I need it) or and extension cable into the basket too in order to maximize the coupon worth.

PS : being french too, I knew why you pronounced it like that, still … funny ;p

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