Pimax Crystal QLED VR Headset Revealed - Everything You Need to Know! [NextGenVR]

No, it will play only games from Pimax’s own game store.


Bugger !!!@

I didn’t even know that Pimax had a game store


Makes sense as it’s not available yet (closed beta).


In a way, Pimax is going “backward”, instead of spreading the screen to a very large FoV it will be more compressed.
As mentionned in some other posts, it could theorically be done to every actual Pimax hmd by changing the lenses, reducing the max fov but increasing the pixel density (of course it would require some sofware adjustement but not much).
Same amount of pixels, same resolution but less “zoomed” screen.


Different devices for different tastes. 12K designed for very immersive wide/tall fov, Crystal for high pixel density and fully optical glass aspheric lenses.
On the Crystal the density is very high near the center and decreases as you move away from the center. The different lenses essentially change the convex convergence and adjust the mask algorithm. This changes the degree of resolution change from the outer to the inner area and the size. A lot of lenses are theoretically possible with different attributes.


However, I didnt say it was a bad thing.


:slight_smile: I didn’t say that you said it was a bad thing. :slight_smile:

Saw some discussion about the methods used and thought process behind offering different devices and chiming in a bit.


That’s why I used quote on “backward”.
As a (just like most of users) Normal FoV user I think this is actually a good move.
I cant see anything wrong with the next headsets, except…the price ^^, but that’s just because I wont be able to afford one.

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Neat that on this device end users have at least some control of the optics (i.e. fov, density, diopter etc.) and auto-ipd on top of that. A lot of people should really be able to enjoy this concept. On price like all electronic devices when the future king arrives they slide down a notch.


arent aspheric lenses expensive tho?how can there be 2 pairs in the package and still be cheaper than the aero?,plus the other gazillion of things like audio,inside out tracking,controllers,wireless,mic if this releases and its as advertised then im thinking the aero was insanely overpriced for what it offered.

Are you able to settle the matter of how diopters are customised?

I walked away from the presentation with the impression you’d have to order lens units factory-tuned to desired properties, while another forum member took away that they would have some sort of tuning dial, which gives the user access to the full 0-7 range from one pair of lenses…


It can be but keep in mind that original PSVR 1 used Aspherical. Pimax’s P1 series used 53mm Aspherical Lenses.

Now with these new pimax lenses being glass will be more expensive than “poly” lenses.

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The complexity of the lenses and the coatings affect the cost of the lens as does the fov you are attempting to cover. If you use a lot of convex or concave properties precise control becomes quite critical. So the lenses on the Crystal are indeed one of the big ticket items that are part of it. Production at scale does help considerably.


for example if i scratch the lenses or something,will there be replaceable ones on the pimax store?that would be awesome

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I was just thinking about it, and with the 42 PPD lens, even if that’s just in the center, as long as the Barrel Distortion doesn’t take much resolution away, you should be able to resolve a little less than full 1080p resolution worth of actual image detail in a VR desktop app on a 27 inch virtual screen that you would normally be sitting roughly an arm’s length away from. Maybe more like 720P.

A real monitor replacement option. This basically would fit my dream of having a VR headset that has the traditional 110 degrees horizontal field of view, but with a high resolution comprable to what my old HMZ 1 could do with its two 720p micro OLED displays at 45 dgrees of FOV.

If I can actually get confirmation of my armchair math from the likes of @PimaxUSA that I would be able to perceive at least 720P in actual resolution and detail from a piece of content on a virtual desktop screen, the crystal will be a headset I’ll be buying.

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Well, the Aero actually exists and not just paper promises. There’s also a great difference in the how the two companies operate and integrity.


they don’t (yet)


Does the crystal know what lenses are in automatically? Or do you have to tell it in software?

Also how do you keep dust from getting in during lens swap.

How do you clean it.

I ask because after doing the gear VR lense swap I had some annoying specs of dust in there despite being careful.

Pimax King HMD incoming? :sweat_smile:


And despite the low FOV I experience pupil swim/distortion pretty bad in it. Likely due to the fixed IPD and my IPD being 70

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