Pimax Customer Opinion Poll (MAS Side Pads)

I really found the rear head pad the worst maybe because I’m bald but after 15 min it started to really hurt and it was very uncomfortable so I cut out a piece of the foam behind it so it had more room to fit the angle at the back of my head and I bought a vive pro replacement it’s soft pu leather and this solved the problem completely now I can play like 4 hours straight no problem so I guess the biggest issue was the material
I think this would need more attention then the side foam or maybe it’s just my head that was the problem lol


Clone the vive DAS straps and audio, period. Get rid of the bulky, narrow rear pad setup. It interferes with racing sims if using a racing seat with headrest by pushing your head forward.
Add a fan/vents to reduce heat and sweating (8kx)

I definitely don’t agree on that… DAS audio is really bad. Lo-Fi if You will… :slight_smile:

Why not create a simple “slim” MAS for sim racers instead? Maybe even one without onboard audio (so You can use whichever headphones You like)…?

I definitely agree on the vents part. They could do it like Kiwi does it for the Quest:

There’s no light leakage and it’s works really well… :slight_smile:


“Why not create a simple “slim” MAS for sim racers instead?”

That’s what I’m saying. Sort of. Create/clone a new headstrap. It’s not the MAS that’s the issue. It’s that the back padding is about 4" thick for no benefit. And the back padding is only a few inches across leading to a small contact area and no real support if you move your head side to side.

There is a reason so many people 3D print the adapters and use the Vive DAS strap. It’s a much better setup. Take some design cues from what works and what people are having to hack together. It’s sad that we pay $1200 and have to do all these mods.

Yep, those Q1 vents look nice. But I’m also thinking about cooling the electronics.
This is what I’m using:


I know what the DAS is (I have it mounted on my old 5K+)… :wink:

I’m just saying I don’t like the sound of the drivers on it.

There are better options out there.

I don’t like the comfort better on the DAS either.

What I’m trying to say is that people are different and it’s not a one-size-fits-all, but options are of course good… :+1:

And who knows? :upside_down_face: Maybe Pimax will get it right with their DMAS… :wink:

BTW -They did take design cues it seems…

I mean the *MAS design is very close to identical to the Vive Pro design…


with the htc vp, the headstreap works and relieves the face. this does not work well on the pimax hmds. it is the only headset with rickety hinges. it remains only with a lot of pressure on the face in the right place. fortunately, the comfort kit was invented. in the future, there will be the comfort kit for the head sides or the comfort kit plus. everything that is attached to the hinges is not a convenient solution. like the hinges themselves are not. the vive “Deluxe audio strap” is also not good in pimax combination. it also hangs on the hinges and the headstrap is too far behind the joints that it does not pull the headset up, but leads to tipping. counterweight and even more padding, all this our head has to endure. if the hmd sits firmly on the head in two axes at (minimum) three points that are firmly connected, but not directly next to each other, then this is also comfortable. i’m looking forward to the next survey.


there are better templates than copying the strap of htc.
the closure to the visor is magnetic.

One fits all.


There are mods to use Race simm friendly straps. @Ludiks did one using a quest strap that is very friendly for Sims and those whom want to use there own Audio.


Definitely thicker, as thick as possible. But multiple options will always be great.


I had added a little foam at the temples for my KDMAS originally, but I later brought in my Studioform Creative top strap and found a much more stable fit and removed the padding. How much padding is needed will surely vary from user to user so we have a “one size doesn’t fit all” situation. It would seem logical for each to pad to their own specific needs. Adding a little foam where needed isn’t a biggie but i do feel the top strap makes a much better fit than without.ymmv

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Indeed with my Poorman headstrap the top strap added stability and made it easier to fit headset each time after.

Studioform’s Comfort strap makes a big difference to vive das abd pimax mas.

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Thicker would mean (even) more pressure on the sleeves. Not good, definitely voting for leaving it as it is. Replacement options of course wouldn’t hurt.

Late to the party but for me, Thicker side so there is support which would aid in centered fitting and comfort releaving pressure on the forehead pad. At present I can float an index finger horizontal width between the pad and my face easily. That’s from a XXXL hand.

Maybe have some horizontal cuts / ports to still allow some ventilation but the current foam is not great. For different head sizes, maybe allow the sides to be separate pads from the front face pad so alternate thicknesses can be used for a customised fit.

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I have cut some PU leather covered foam (VRCover’s thick replacement for the DAS to be exact) to replace the current thin side pieces and it’s improved stability and comfort immensely. +1 for thicker side foam (hopefully PU leather so it’s not a sweat sponge)!


I say it’s needed but have various widths available in foam and PU leather.

I’d like to know if we have to buy said Side pads who already own Pimax HMD with MAS? IMO they should be free for Pimax MAS owners. @PimaxQuorra

Why not just cut some Foam and apply velcro. As mentioned by a couple of ppl there fine with it as is.

This pad is very simple to cut one to desired thickness.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

The hinges that attach the Pimax DAS to the HMD should have been angled in 25-45° or the enclosure angled in where the hinges are. A thicker plastic should of been used possibly the strengthen it.

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Would these types of foam work? I’d have to cut to shapes of the existing ones or just wait and see what Pimax comes up with and if they want to rob us. Foams

Look what I just did to myself, they are fixed hinges that give the MAS total firmness, it seems that they are part of the HMD housing:


Any updates or has Pimax concluded it’s survey with the MAS Side Pads? @PimaxQuorra

A solid hinge setup might work like @Chumet has done.


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