Pimax Deluxe Strap by Davobkk

Pimax Deluxe Strap by Davobkk

For any interested (like me), you can order the enhancement of the standard pimax 5k/8k headstrap designed by @Davobkk on his site
even at some promo discount ($26 instead of $30)!
Looks like a solid work and I look forward to a review! Thx @Davobkk for your work and contribution!


Thanks buddy! Wish I had your super human editing skills :joy:

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No, thank YOU for the work, will be appreciate from many users! And I assure you, my editing “skills” are maximal slight above average☺ designing something like your headstrap takes far more skills!
Now I am interested if and when pimax will give us the 3d model of the hmd and how the community (incl. you) can improve the headset even more.