Pimax display turns off when things explode too hard

i have this strange issue where when the game sometimes goes kaboom, i mean when things explode at their maximum, i loose sight. it starts with the left eye going down then the entire display follows. any ideas what can cause this?

How high is your backlight power?
And, do you use realy 2 different USB Ports (USB3 + USB2)


the thing is, im using a 8K +
using 2 USB3.0 ports.
brighness is at -2

actuallly my backlight was at 100, i just put it back to default which is 50. do you think it will do the trick?

First, try two different USB Ports! 2.0 + 3.0.
I think, both 3.0 Ports on your Board use the same Hub and power, so it is not enought.
Backlight at 80-90 are also ok, i mean

like i say its a 8k Plus. i use a standart usb 3.0 port. the power comes from the wall socket

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ohh, ok, then lower the backlight

at 50 right now. so you think it is not otherwise related? like damage

i’ve been dropping my headset once, thats why i wonder

i have to say everything works wonderfully except for the issue described in this topic

I guess that there is a bright flash when the explosion occurs and that is the cause of this happening. If I am right this only occurs on 90hz and 110hz but should not occur on 75hz.

I had this with a couple of games especially Until You Fall and previously with Espire 1 and even with HL Alyx. Any sudden very bright light or flash will cause the display panels to switch off on my 8K+.

Previously with Espire 1 when taking damage only the left panel switched off but it did not come back on and I had to reboot the HMD. It seems that the new firmware has changed something and now both panels switch off but do come back on after a few secs.

I reported it a long time ago to Pimax and was offered a replacement which I declined but it was never solved.

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did lower the backlight and the issue actually didnt come back!


And here’s your problem right here.

Wrong, the displays were never originally intended for this 100% brightness setting.

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Hello John,

We suggest you to file a report with our tech team. They will provide a diagnostic session for the hardware and software and instruct you to get rid of this.

What did you set the backlight to?

i set it to 50 which is default

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