Pimax DMAS, a big dissapointment

Just had my DMAS after 2 years of waiting , I have a 8KX with DAS (deluxe audio strap from VIVE) must say the HMD works great and the DAS audio is outstanding but I invested in the DMAS too for "it’s pure sound quality " and for the comfort of the modular strap.

Well the strap is comfy but the sound is very poor , it just sounds like an old walkman headset, no bass and even with max volume I can hardly here something so I put back my DAS promtly.

Pimax 8KX it’s a great VR tool and I think it deserves a much better audio solution from PIMAX.


this thread can be helpful for you : DMAS audio review - #208 by Timo.H1


The earphones are positioned too far from your ear.

Try pushing one of the up/down volume buttons on the headset itself. My DMAS initially ignored the Windows Volume setting and the sound was extremely quiet. I fiddled around with the sound settings in windows for a bit (not sure exactly which settings I changed) and all of a sudden, the headset did use the Windows sound settings.