Pimax Experience IPD Wizard/Tuning

Is the cloud tune working? All I see is red circle with a red line across it

There is no ipd wizard, yet. It’s been a couple of months since it was promised so we have several more to go before it might come out. If it does at all: so far, it’s looking like it will be another “no show”.

They are still working on it and not released yet.

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They have about a short week to release it before us impossible to fix eyestrain 8kX users jump ship for good :wink:

Ive been waiting for this patiently, hopefully we will get it somw day. Eyestrain is not fun havent been able to use 8kx as much as I want


@SweViver have you any updates to the IPD Wizard?


I don’t use my pimax 8KX since more than 1 year due to the IPD problems.
A lot of persons around me do use it anymore for the same reason.
You don’t guess it’s the most important feature to add.


I remember in spring PE was making really fast. One version by another, new features, what’s coming next and so on. And then they said we will make an IPD wizard in the next update. Everyone thought it will be 2-3 weeks. And they gone. No news, nothing…


Anyword on this IPD wizard yet?