Pimax Experience - On Game Exit

Hello All,

First let me start by saying that I love what you’re aiming for with the Pimax Experience. The simple presentation style of the UI is fantastic. It’s quick to launch and easy to use. Access to game settings in VR is a huge improvement.

Simply put, great Job Pimax!

Anyway, regarding the topic. What behavior should I expect after I launch a game and then quit said game. Should SteamVR close and return me to the Pimax Experience? Or, is it expected for SteamVR to stay open until I manually quit?

Last night I launched a game from PE and when I quit, it stayed in Steam VR. I launched another game from within SteamVR and it crashed during play. Looking through the logs though, it appears that AAPVR was trying to close SteamVR after I closed the original game but didn’t succeed until after I was already in the other game.


If you turn off steam vr then Experience starts again. Was at least like that on the older version i tested :slight_smile:


Yes. That’s exactly what happens :wink:

You should look at it like a in-HMD version of PiTool with some nice extra features sprinkled on top… :slight_smile:

When launching a game it “hands over” the HMD to SteamVR/Oculus so the only way to get back to the Pimax Experience is by quitting SteamVR/Oculus again.


Some PE design notes:

It seems that the htc Vive “start” button will bring up Steam VR …is it possible to disable this as we have a “Steam VR” button there on the lower part of the UI already.

Also… When after exiting a game, the UI uses the last used game’s profile (fov, super sampling %, pi tool 1.0/1.25/1.5/2.0 etc setting). Can there be a default profile for the UI that we can set in stone as it’s annoying to see the PE UI change to a lower one for no reason)

Thanks for the invite too!

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Sorry I missed this thread, thanks mate Im glad to hear this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I dont think there is any convenient or built-in way to automatically quit SteamVR when game quits. Fortunately, you can always just bring up the SteamVR dashboard and chose Quit VR that quits both the game and SteamVR.

This could be done ny pitool, by simply running a batch script im background upon starting game, that listens if the game process is still running, and if it isnt, it could terminate SteamVR.

But this is kindof a unstable hack, needs good (and variable) timing, and could lead to many issues for the average joe when hard-quitting SteamVR, which could lead to a bad experience. Config file could get corrupted, process might end up being stuck or crash and so on.

This is something we could add as an optional (advanced) way to lauch games, by running a batch file just like @mmorselli suggested in another thread, giving ability to run scripts and commands simultaneously. But I think force quitting applications is never a good idea, especially since SteamVR writes to config file right at application exit.

Lets brainstorm ideas regarding the feature and we might comeup with something useful and stable, but I think there are more important things to solve at this point, such as bulletproof imports, Revive, arguments upon startup, more various ways of using game profiles and of course finish and implement the online profile function.

AAPVR? Whats that? PE nor PiTool never tries to close SteamVR. Pitool listens if SteamVR is open, and if its terminated, it launches PE again.

Yep. Same as when an Oculus game quits. PE starts.

But to prevent problems, I will ask engineers to put a longer delay before PE starts. Maybe 3 more seconds. Especially since many times HMD tracking is not active upon SteamVR quit and PE start, which is a bad solution.

Exactly :slight_smile:

I KNOW there is a way to prevent this. I had it in the config file long ago, but then it vanished. I will try to find this command again. It was in steamvr.vrsettings as far as I remember.

Yep I actually asked Bill (the engineer) about this 2 days ago. He will look into this on Monday. I proposed to simply apply the Common Setting.json every time right before PE is launched.

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It’s the name of the Pimax driver… :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see references to it in one of the directories in the Stream config folder.

EDIT: On my PC (haven’t reinstalled/started from scratch for Years), I have an empty folder in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\aapvr which, AFAIR, used to contain the vrsettings file I think (long time ago)… :slight_smile:

EDIT2: You can also see the reference to aapvr in the PiTool install dir. I.e. C:\Program Files\Pimax\SteamVRSupport\drivers\aapvr on my PC :wink:

It was also in this directory that an override for the maxRecommendedResolution among other settings were originally made (using a vrsettings file AFAIR)… :upside_down_face:

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Interesting, thanks I didn’t know that.

But its still weird, as the runtime is never supposed to force SteamVR quit, maybe upon PiTool installationbut never when PiTool is running already…

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Here is a snip from my vr_server.log. I could be completely wrong about what it’s saying, but I get these messages when SteamVR and Game crash, and I’m taken back to the Pimax logo.

Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.893 - aapvr: try to quit steamvr 
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - Closing pipe vrmonitor (17560) because it was broken from the other end
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - Process vrmonitor (17560) disconnected (Thread(0x000001A852D7A110/0x000)
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - aapvr: try to quit steamvr
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - AppInfoManager.ProcessQuit processid=17560 eLaunchingApp=LaunchingApp_None
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - AppInfoManager.ProcessQuit: Clearing application openvr.component.vrmonitor PID was 17560
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - AppInfoManager.ProcessQuit: Clearing application openvr.component.vrmonitor PID because 17560 has exited
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - Lost master process 17560 for an unknown reason. Quitting all immediately. 
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - aapvr: try to quit steamvr
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - aapvr: try to quit steamvr
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - aapvr: try to quit steamvr
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - VR server shutting down
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.894 - [Web] Shutting down web server.
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:40.910 - [Steam] Steam SHUTDOWN.
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:41.081 - Listener thread ending
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:41.179 - Restoring default audio playback endpoint (communications) to {}.{644d733f-2aa9-4169-8d43-a2846800a980}
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:41.179 - AUDIO: SetDefaultAudioDevice: device = {}.{644d733f-2aa9-4169-8d43-a2846800a980}, role = 1
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:41.199 - CSharedResourceNamespaceServer shutting down
Wed Aug 26 2020 17:11:41.203 - [vrserver] Graceful exit
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