Pimax experience steam vr game launch question

Hi, One question, I don’t know if the game launching process is still the same,
but when the last time I used Pimax Experience the game was launched with the default steamvr display pipeline,

so it was not with the entire steamvr app,

when I tried to leave steamvr to return to pimax experience with the exit menu,
the true steam vr was launched and I had to exit it a second time.

The consequence of that,

it’s not possible to use the additional parameter entered in steam for the game,
that’s not a big issue since Pimax experience allow to add custom parameters per game,

but the big issue for me is the lost of the controller remapping feature (due to lack of the steam overlay),
same with the usage of the steam controller for exemple.

So the question is: is it possible to add an option to launch steamvr before the game in order to avoid the lack of the steam overlay ?